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2019 is here. These are a selection of what we here at Redding Prophetic deem to be of the highest quality regarding the Word test, the Fruit test and the Glory test in evaluating and passing along the plethora of prophetic words flowing into the pipeline.

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5780 Rosh Hashana 2019 – 2020 – A Year of Revolutionary Rescue and Restoration – Johnny Enlow Prophetic Word



We have entered into perhaps the most revelatory year since the birth of Jesus and because of it none of us will ever be the same. A day of so much disclosure is now upon us that by this time next year we will be in amazement at how different our world actually is from what we thought the light we presently see by today we will consider as comparative darkness to where we will have advanced – by 2020 it will be exceptional and even shocking revelation. I want to look at two definitions for the word revelation for some parameters on what I’m talking about so the word revelation I looked up and two definitions that came out a surprising and previously unknown fact especially one that is made way in a dramatic way and the second definition the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans.

Anointed Seers – Joshua and Caleb

I think we’ll see both of those be a reality in the year 2019 so I want to talk about the 5077 to 5779 window that is being completed over the next several months. For those who follow the Hebraic calendar you know that the present 5779 year that we are in is closing out a most important decade. In the number 70 the end part of the 5779, the 70 there there is the Hebrew letter ayi. Associated with it and it carries the picture symbol for the eye for the 10 to 2019 decade. The primary focus has been on seeing.

I have covered that fact in virtually every year of this 5077 to 5779 decade. Battles are won or lost at the point of seeing and so that’s why seeing is so important. As we remember ancient Israel the difference in a Caleb and a 10 spy is that Caleb’s are anointed seers and 10 spies are ultimately unanointed. Today seers in the body of Christ are in the process of shifting from following today’s unanointed who keep people locked in a wilderness survival mentality to following seers who lead them into the Promised Land of cities and nations. It is the church’s great battle of the day where a fake news narrative is being exposed and progressively abandoned. Unanointed seers unduly highlight the enemy and miss the moment of visitation because of that and keep the people wilderness bound under a premature rapture mindset.

Before Trump is done he will have leveled and replaced most of our ruling institutions and he will have been a part of discovering a previously unknown history of the world of the last century.

Anointed seers see the enemy but highlight the greatness of God in his promise of inheriting the nations as we are salt and light in the seven mountains of society. Unanointed seers tell us we’re getting out of here. That’s their focus. Anointed seers declare the kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven. We are disconnecting the faith narratives and returning to Jesus original message of inheriting the earth. Matthew 5:5, in his first message, the Son of man was sent to earth and Matthew five through seven, the Magna Carta. Before he ever talks about inheriting heaven, Jesus spoke to us about inheriting the earth. God builds a plan of destiny around the anointed seers even while they are the profound minority as in Caleb and Joshua. His plan was built around the two who could see. His entire plan was built around them realizing that the rest of the generation was not going to make it.

Now about the 9 in the number 5779 and as well as the nine in 2019. It is significant as well the number 9 in the Hebrew has the letter tylette tal ET in which is the picture symbol of either a snake or a womb. If you look at them they are both highlighted this year. Both the womb and the snake. The snake in the grass will be discovered by those with the Caleb eagle eyes and the tearing up of that snake will allow for birthing and fruitfulness. The snake in the grass will be exposed this year and you will either capitulate to it or destroy the lies and fears associated with it and arise and shine to your destiny. The key is to see the snake from an eagle’s perspective and not from a chicken’s perspective. You know a snake is food for an eagle while a chicken obviously will freak out and run from a snake. The window of properly seeing things gets completed this year and what becomes visible in 2019 will exceed the totality of the previous nine years of seeing more in this year than the previous nine put together. It will be almost like we didn’t see anything in the last decade because so much new light is here for this year.

Rosh Hashanah of this year we will begin the year 5780 in the Hebraic calendar and that represents a whole new beginning based on now a proper seeing and proper perspective.  A year from now we will begin the year 2020 and the numbers will not be coincidental.  20/20 vision is coming and that is where divine objectivity rules. God is seen and magnified. The enemy is also seen but he is not magnified and so he becomes bread for us. In Numbers 14:9, if you remember Caleb he wasn’t in la-la land. It’s not that he didn’t see the Giants but he said they will be bread for us. “Come on let’s go” and that’s what I call divine objectivity when you’re seeing things from his perspective.

Trump Will Get Louder – Exodus 19:19

Now I want to talk about revelation in government. The scripture is Exodus 19:19. This is a unique chapter when the Lord came and visited Israel with his glory and here’s what it says in Exodus 19:19, “As the blast of the trumpet grew louder and louder, Moses would speak and God would answer him in thunder.” There was a moment of next-level Revelation taking place. One of the areas of profound blindness right now for many Christians I believe is understanding the role of President Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States. He carries an Isaiah 45 Cyrus anointing and it’s an anointing to break down the double bronze and iron gates of Babylon. It is divinely orchestrated that the 45th president has an association with Isaiah 45 and verses 1 and 2 speak of these double doors and bronze doors. There were a hundred bronze doors gates of Babylon and iron gates and they called to break them down.

This is an assignment to dislodge and eliminate embedded and syndicated evil in government. The tentacles are at the tops of all the seven mountains of society which are media, economy, education, family, arts and entertainment, religion as well as the mountain of government. The tops of all the mountains are going to have their evil gatekeepers removed. It is a historic moment for the kingdom of God on earth because in 2019 Trump is not going to tone down and weaken his approach. He is going to become stronger and his voice will become louder and louder. He is not going to fail in his assignment and it will be a testament not to his greatness but to the greatness of God. Despite Trump’s billions, his friends, his influence; he is himself far too limited to take on what he has been called to take on. It is God’s anointing on him for the assignment that covers and emboldens him.

Before Trump and After Trump

I was shown that our nation will be known as “Before Trump” and “After Trump” and the Lord also, I believe, clearly spoke to me that in fact the whole world will be known as “Before Trump” and “After Trump”. Now you have to know I am neither a Trump fan nor a Republican fan nor even a conservative fan but I am a God fan and I am a fan of what God communicates. Trump is God’s idea and though God is patient the sooner you recognize that truth the sooner it is evidence that your seeing in an anointed way. That your seeing is beginning to be what it needs to be in the direction of Caleb. Once you begin to discover the level of evil he is up against you will no longer ask the irrelevant question of how could God pick such an imperfect man that many are asking. What he lacks in holiness he makes up for in courage and ultimately his courage is going to lead him into holiness. When God is taking people into new territory he looks first for courage. His demand of Joshua over and over was only be of good courage.

Once you see the deep state of the seven mountains and the nations you will realize it takes great courage. Working on holiness came later but when you are facing enemies bigger than yourself it is courage that sustains you. Before Trump is done he will have leveled and replaced most of our ruling institutions and he will have been a part of discovering a previously unknown history of the world of the last century. It will be a great reveal and a most significant part of this year of extreme revelation.

Can Trump Fail in His Assignment?

This is a concern in question that many Trump supporters have and especially so as they began to see the extreme dangers that he is up against. I suppose humans can always disappoint and can always fail. I suppose we could be too slack in our prayer cover for him. I suppose his age and the size of the task before him could overwhelm him. However, the greatness of our God is that it is his trademark that he loves to execute his great plans with fragile or imperfect people. He loves to confound the supposed wise of the world by using his foolishness that comes out of first Corinthians 1:27. Now except for in the case of Jesus he never used overwhelming strength or perfection to accomplish his better story. Better story lines if you remember Gideon. He was the least in his house and of his tribe and an unimportant tribe and he led Israel to victory over the Midianites. Moses the octogenarian with a speech impediment was called to lead Israel out of Egypt. David the shepherd boy took out Goliath the scary giant and he did so with a very small stone. Mary the teenage girl birthed the Son of God. Even with Jesus he never used his overwhelming strength but laid down all his divinity. He then chose the local redneck fisherman to be his 12 apostles upon which everything else thereafter would be built.

Can Trump fail? Yes. But I don’t think so. This has all the makings of a great God story.  Keeping Trump alive and healthy is a much easier task for God than it was say to keep Jesus alive in his day when not only was he up against the deep state of his day trying to prematurely kill him but every demon in Hell desired his scalp until he was 33 years old and until it was the day of Passover Jesus could not be killed.  Yes Trump could fail but God will not.  Were he somehow to be taken out early it would not only not be the end of the matter it would only mean that there is yet a more amazing story of God’s greatness forthcoming.  He always has an upgraded next plan as next always outdoes even his original.  He is the “bigger than God” with the “better than planned”.  That’s just who he is.  It’s not over.

Donald Trump – Emissary of the Justice of God

I believe Psalms 37:9 is in effect and that says “For evil doers will be cut off but those who wait on the Lord they will inherit the earth”. You can take Psalm 37:1-2 as a prophetic word for now; “Do not fret because of evil doers nor be envious of the workers of iniquity for they will soon be cut down like grass and wither as the green herb.” You know this term “workers of iniquity” are I believe the present target for the zeal and justice of the Lord. His first offer is always mercy but justice has to come because justice is the evidence to the abused that God has had mercy on them. Those who have been sex trafficked, enslaved and otherwise abused are about to be the beneficiaries of the Justice of God. They are in the process of a great rescue. There is no freedom for the enslaved without justice. Justice and liberty walk hand in hand. Justice I believe operates as the big sister.

President Donald Trump is an emissary of the Justice of God and God is quite pleased I believe with how well he has done since being elected president. His courage is seen I believe as heroic in heaven because they see what he is up against and who he is up against this year. Enough of that will be revealed to the body of Christ so that those who still are pointing the finger at him perhaps will be motivated not to. President Trump was not called to be your pastor. So putting that standard on him, having said that, I will tell you I believe he is more authentically righteous than 90% of our pastors and I believe that something the Spirit of the Lord told me and I believe it.

Extreme Revelation in the Church: Exposures and Prophetic Upgrades –

1 Kings 19:19
President Trump and the Jehu Anointing

I want to talk a little bit about revelation in church, about exposures and about the prophetic upgrades that we desire. There is a passage in 1 Kings 19:19 relevant for that now. “So he departed from there and found Elisha, son of Shaphat, who was plowing. There were twelve yolk of oxen ahead of him, and he was with the twelfth. Elisha passed by him and through his mantle on him.” This is a passage where Elijah anoints Elisha and he receives the double portion of what was on Elijah. Elisha with that upgrade is the catalyst for Jezebel being easily taken out. You know Jezebel was someone Elijah was not able to deal with. She ultimately caused him to quit and the rest of what Elijah was called to do was passed on to Elisha. Elisha through Jehu who overthrew Jezebel in a very public and demonstrable way.  President Trump also has a Jehu anointing.  Jezebel at a macro level is being dealt with and this year it’s going to be very evident. It is not coincidental that it is first Kings 19:19. That number 19 in the year 2019 that tells of the release of this double portion anointing that can take out Jezebel.

The Deep State Church and Blackmail

The extreme revelation is going to place and displace Kings, government rulers, false Queens. Both the name of the book (Kings) and the double on the 19, again are significant. The church will experience two different versions of this extreme revelation. There will be the shocking disclosures of evil and corruption and even networks of deep darkness in the church. The church has its own version of the deep state and it is going to be exposed as well some significant exposures took place in 2018. But there is another level in both the Catholic Church as well as the Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal churches. Again, many church and church networks operate by a similar creed to how Hollywood and high government positions run. In these places the gatekeepers in places of influence require some blackmailable behavior so that their loyalty and silence is bought forever. Blackmail is the currency of the tops of the mountains and is going to be exposed in the mountain of religion as well. In church circles it is often mixed and mingled with religious speak so that it doesn’t look like blackmail but it is blackmail.

Now I remember decades ago being a part of a church whose lead Bishop would often say that he didn’t trust anyone who, quote “didn’t have a limp” and he connected it to Jacob in the Bible and I understood an aspect of it. You don’t want to have people who were pointing fingers at everything and so if they feel like they are too perfect they might do that. But what was revealed in time with that this bishop had seduced at least ten women in the church and it included pedophilia as well and it really was shocking. The “not trusting anyone without a limp” showed up in being really something designed to hide this fact. They had no significant associate leader or pastor on staff that they had advanced who didn’t have some significant dirt on under this motto.Not surprisingly, he had great loyalty from the leaders and pastors around him when even when the full truth came out, which was shocking, and it’s because they were blackmailable. There is way more of this going on than seems possible and be prepared for shocks regarding that in 2019. In mega churches this is actually more the norm than the exception. I’m sorry to say that. Well, you won’t have to take my word for it; the year of extreme revelation is upon us.

Advanced Revelation and the Prophetic Upgrade of Holiness

Now I want to talk about the prophetic upgrades. This is the better side of the coin of advanced revelation but sometimes it will go hand in hand with the prophetic upgrade of holiness as well with the release of the holiness. I remember some time ago in Peru where a pastor’s wife was taken by the Holy Spirit and for weeks was in and out of a trance. It was at least twenty days, that I remember, that she could not speak Spanish at all. When she tried to answer, when she tried to talk, when her husband tried to communicate with her, she could only speak in tongues. It was quite inconvenient for many things. They had little children. When she finally could communicate she was in an open heaven realm seeing everything including the sins of their key leaders and members including the “where” and “when” of it all; when when they denied it. It was just amazing how the church cleaned itself up. Not just those who were exposed but that atmosphere, that reality, the awareness of it was now in the church. I remember the pastor himself telling me that it was tough for him because it was like in a way he said like “sleeping with the Holy Spirit” and the demand for purity was at such a high level he had no choice but to get clean himself. He was thankful for it but said he had gone through a process of refinement with this next level of Revelation that was in the church.

It is amazing what being under an increased light does to us. So seeing is going to another level. This is something we desperately need as our prophetic level is relatively pathetic at this time even often under-performing to psychics and the new-age energy feelers. One reason for this is, of course, that the enemy has stolen the prophetic from much of the church, perhaps most of the church, through demonic doctrines that say the age for this has passed. There’s never been an age that more needs the prophetic. This is truly a deep state doctrine that has stripped the church from its;  perhaps, it’s most vital tool for spreading the love and power of God.  You know as the Apostle Paul said in first Corinthians 14, “I wish you all could prophesy.”  He talked about speaking in tongues and that he spoke in tongues more than anyone but he said, “even more I wish all of you could prophesy” and a prophesying church will always be more fruitful.

Seven Mountain Prophetic Revelation, Accountability and Reformation Assignment

We have other reasons for our low level of prophetic revelations such as a lack of prophetic accountability and also conversely a lack of a nurturing environment for the prophetic. We can bemoan either. The one zealous for the accountability would most likely kill the prophetic if left to their devices and the ones only interested in nurturing the prophetic would tend to keep it about quantity above quality. We really need both.

Another suppressor of the next level in the prophetic is when the exercise of the prophetic is disconnected from our Reformation assignment; the Reformation assignment outside the church. The prophetic was made to thrive in the seven mountains of society.  My prophetic level has always been less in the church and on the increase when outside the church and that’s just a reality.  Having said that, I am first in line desiring the promised prophetic upgrade.  I want to be positively shocked at how much I am seeing and how much transformational change it engenders.  I look forward to stepping into clarity where we not only prophesy sometimes fuzzy outcomes, like “double portion.”  These are great prophetic buzzwords, “double portion”, “breakthrough”, “shift”, “prosperity”, “a door”, “a window”.  But where we can also flesh it out as to what that actually is and what that actually looks like.

Sometimes its enough to say that and for the person we know what that means. However, there is this next level coming. The upgrade is coming this year because it is tied into knowing some macro things that we have never known before and some things we haven’t been able to see. The reason we haven’t been able to see some things is because we had some assumption, some wrong facts, about what was actually happening. We were building our life based on a fake narrative, fake news; and I believe you will know more what I’m talking about as this year progresses.

On that matter, perhaps the greatest key to getting a prophetic upgrade is staying out of pride. There have been so many that I have known who become essential head cases when they finally did see something truly revelatory and so because of how they over reacted in pride to having received just some initial revelation they ceased getting more secrets from God because the Bible says God resists the proud and its going be hard hearing from him when he is resisting you. Hopefully, again I believe there are going to be so many with this next level of revelation and of the prophetic that this is no longer as great a temptation as before. Either way I will tell you that I believe that children born in this decade of seeing, the 5770 – 5779 or the 2010 to 2019, that the children of this decade are truly going to be game changers in the seeing and revel realm. If nothing else requires us to upgrade that will require us to upgrade because of the level that they’re seeing. Some of you who have the kids that young you may already be experiencing that with your very young ones. Status quo revelation has not been getting it done. The next level is coming along with the next level of glory associated with it.

The Eclipse Phenomenon and Prophetic Open Heavens

Finally, I have watched a 67 mile wide path of totality. Now if you remember back in August 21, 2017 we had the most unusual phenomenon of a total solar eclipse from sea to shining sea of the United States. There was a 67 mile wide path where the Eclipse phenomenon could be viewed in its entirety. It’s the area where went totally dark and so it was quite a visual. It started on the coast of Oregon with Salem and Albany being really the first significant cities in the path and it finished out in Charleston, South Carolina. A total of seven cities named Salem, speaking of starting around Salem, Oregon before it finished a path all the way across the United States. There were seven cities named Salem that were in this path. That is significant. This path looks like a seat belt over the nation and I believe it’s a seat belt of security over the nation and that Salem speaks of his peace. The word Shalom “His Peace” is more than just peace like nothing going wrong but it’s peace and prosperity. The Lord has this as something he was promising over us and I spoke back in 2017 that the 67 mile wide pathway all across the United States represented a path of prophetic open heavens.

I believe that only now are we truly entering into the spiritual phenomenon of the spiritual fulfillment of what was the natural phenomenon. The Bible says first the natural then the spiritual. Sometimes there’s a time lapse between the sign given and then the release of that on earth. This band across the nation includes cities such as Albany, Oregon, where interestingly enough the ElijahList.com is based from, and all the prophetic that comes from that place. Omaha, Nebraska, Kansas City, Kansas and Nashville, Tennessee are all cities where significant prophetic ministries have arisen. These are regular voices to the nation. I believe the entire 67 mile wide pathway represents a strip of heightened prophetic revelation. This prophetic upgrade is for everyone but there’s something even unique about this strip; this 67 mile wide pathway. It’s part of just the way God moves and works. There are often geographical realities of open heavens and there is something that has been created in that pathway.

I believe you know Psalm 67 starts with, “God be merciful to us and bless us and cause your face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on the earth; your salvation among all nations.” This prophetic upgrade is ultimately his face shining on us so that we may make known his ways on the earth and his salvation among all nations, not just the United States. I know so many from other nations longing to hear a word of hope for and you can be assured whatever you’re seeing happen in the United States right now there’s a lead domino component to it. There are certain things that have to happen first here and certain upgrades, certain cleansing. At some point they’re simultaneously occurring with the other nations.

2019 Game Changer Year – Revelation, Glory and the Double Portion Prophetic Mantle of Elisha

Revelation and the Glory that accompanies revelation are going to be increasingly the fruit of 2019.  Exodus 19:19 was about the Glory descending on Israel in Moses day.  1 Kings 19:19 was about the double portion prophetic mantle from Elisha being released to Elisha at that time.  God was able to encode timing factors for us as to the new level of glory and revelation it’s amazing to me that timing that this is the year 2019 for this big prophetic upgrade revelation extreme revelation.  These scriptures are marked 1919 and that just tells me of the greatness of God in yet another game-changer year.  We’ve been like back-to-back-to-back game-changer years but I think 2019 is the greatest so far;  really in centuries, particularly as it relates to revelation.

We will see how this all plays out.


“Lord we just thank you for this year for 2019. We thank you for the challenges of the year. We thank you for the promises of this of this year. We thank you for the Glory that you are going to reveal in 2019. We thank you how you desire your sons and daughters to be encouraged; to be filled with hope and faith and to be already partaking of the joy of seeing this kind of breakthrough in our nation, in our land and a breakthrough that will reverberate even among the nations. And so Lord even in this early moment of 2019 may our eyes be opened. May this next level of the prophetic, this next revelatory level, be released. I thank you for that Lord and it’s in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

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Say it Jeremiah!. Watchman. Guard the Gate!. 2019 The Year of the Watchman. A call to the wall. Fathers to the wall of their families. Speaking against deception. Matthew 24:42. Be on the alert. “It blows up my American Dream”.. I ruins my church growth plan.”…God is releasing a generation of messengers who speak provocation on the earth. Call forth the truth speakers. “God what in my life do I need to change right now?” This is a period of history…when is enough going to be enough? Breaking up the fallow ground. The fear of man removed. Groaning and travailing for our city. Resistance against, “Don’t say that you’ll lose followers.” Conviction to speak. We are living in a period of history where the devil will back you up against a wall and you better know what you believe. We have become desensitized. God is going to sound the alarm in the church again. “What are you willing to sell for the truth?” Unafraid of what is coming to our church because of our culture. Isaiah 56:7 – watchman are blind, know nothing, dumb dogs, dreamers lying down, love to slumber, greedy dogs, never satisfied, shepherds without understanding, turned to their own way, enjoy unjust gain. How strategic was the watchman anointing in the old testament. (***Also remember (my comments) Kris Vallotton’s recent prophetic word about the Nehemiah rebuilding for Paradise, CA). Watchman drawing a bloodline around territory. (*** RE the bloodline teaching listen to this incredible podcast from Redding’s very own Faith Assembly teaching here….https://faithassemblyredding.org/sermons-teaching/ #4 Stand, Pray, Watch the Bloodline). Abortion…the shedding of innocent blood. Spiritual abortion. Hanging around people who are killing the baby of what God has put inside of us. Give me friends. Give me messengers. Give me people who will tell me the truth. Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Vs. 12….spirit of drunkeness. Defiled holy things. Tired of Facebook Prophets. Tired of people who stand you up for a debit card before they give you a prophetic word. This is the time to take inventory. To look around the inner circle of my life to reassess. Is there anyone in my life who loves me enough to tell me “you are full of it”. People get hit with real raw truth and others say, “he didn’t mean that.” There is mercy that God is offering in this hour. Here am I. Watchman and Prophets to bend the church. “The lack of demonstration in the church is a direct result of the lack of consecration.” A cleansing. Purification and courage that comes upon the church. A company of Lion’s to begin to Roar in this Nation. Foreheads as strong as flint. Lord, do it in me! Decree that unholy alliances be broken. Anything or anyone that does not abide in the truth. “I’m forging arrows and swords, says the Lord. As iron sharpens iron.” (**Yes Lord, raising up Redding, and Chico and the surrounding region…for revival praying and a plumbline here in CA and the North State). Breaking the spirit of discouragement. Do not be afraid of the coming assignments. 2 Tim 4:17…The Lord stood with me and strengthened me…. **Rick Joyner sharing what he saw in the dream…A few pieces. God’s strategy of bringing down the great strongholds of our time. Standing in line with many others to be a part of the strategy. “Come with me you have a different assignment..showing Heaven’s perspective on our US History. For the US. But the principles apply to many other nations. Something happing here that is critical for us to understand. From left to right history moved. The US is not known in Heaven as the US. It is known as the American Republic. Where we are not. A sentence written in colorful flaming amber….The Second American Revolution / Civil War is inevitable. It is right and it will be successful. Heavens perspective of our revolutionary war is very different from our perspective. The main purpose was that we would be a place that all men are created equal and there would be liberty and justice for all. Not our independence. If we had understood this we would never had to endure the Civil War. It has to do with our potential before the Lord. Justice and Liberty ** Take a look back at Johnny Enlow’s recent words on “Justice”)… Some believe that the american revolution began in the 1730’s when George Whitfield went to the common people and began to preach that followers of Christ are the Royal Priesthood and carried the message to the US to Richmond VA and many call that the womb of the Revolution. The seeds of this concept that all men given equal opportunity before God….when you are born again by my Spirit you can go as far as you want to go. The “American Republic could not continue to exist with slavery in the midst. What we are in today is “You have to finish the job”. Like Joshua holding out the arm until the enemy is destroyed. Our purpose and destiny is to finish the job. “What does Heaven’s perspective on ‘successful’ look like? “Arising of the Dread Champions” Perspective is not how do we prevent this division that will lead to civil war. The perspective is now how do we win? It’s time for war. Once the war starts everything changes. The civil war has gone right on. You have to identify your enemy. We are not warring against flesh and blood but there and individuals and organizations that are evil strongholds we need to go against. The champions were lining up to tee of on a golf course. The strategy of getting on the fairway. The strategy. With enemies in the trees. Mobilizing to go after one of these demonic strongholds. One of the ways to understand your strategy or call is what “tees” you off. Human trafficking. Abortion, Complacency. What is in our heart is connected with what we need to get provoked and weeping over the times and darkness. A broken heart. Provocations and the calling going off in our heart. We are coming to a time of literal fighting in America. Fighting in our streets and neighborhoods. Some of our cities burning. We are getting pushed back right now. We can’t retreat any further. We must fulfill our purpose. There is a technological totalitarian spirit that wants to take over our nation. The US is not the New Jerusalem. There is not a special biblical covenant with God. America is dedicated to God. And everything dedicated to the Lord is holy and set apart for a holy purpose. Rev 12 is connected with our purpose. Israel and the Church. Natural and Spiritual. The persecution in history was the Inquisition. The earth opened. What happened at the end. Colombus discovered America and the wings of a great eagle opened. We are a haven for persecuted people. Specifically Christians and Jews. The woman who gave birth to the man child. Convey vision and purpose to our country. We are entering some very serious and intense times. Trump— He is like a Peter. He is not confused. He is not lamenting anything. Trump thrives in a fight and loves his job. Realizing our purpose as a nation. God’s vision. Preaching and holding up the destiny with much greater resolve. Pray for revival and the great awakening. People. Fight to Win.


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