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The Cultural Left Bares Its Teeth: An Open Threat to Churches and Christians Who Hold to Biblical Conviction

Infernal Infighting – Bad Moon Rising: Islam, Armageddon, and the Most Diabolical Double-Cross in History


“Motus in fine velocior” – The Crisis is Gathering Speed (Roberto de Mattei)


Gospel Grace in a Courtroom and the False-Gospel Resentment it Provoked

Judge Tammy Kemp gives Amber Guyger her personal Bible

The power of the gospel to work in these ways was put on display this week at the sentencing of Amber Guyger, the Dallas Police officer who mistakenly entered the apartment of Botham Jean and shot him, thinking he was an intruder in her apartment. She was found guilty of murder by a Dallas County jury earlier this week. At the sentencing hearing, a turn of events occurred that can only be attributed to the power of a risen Savior.


A Look At The Megachurch That Calls Redding Home: Bethel Church

Bethel Church - Redding, CA

The Really Big Business of Bethel Church, Part 1: Show us the Money!

The Really Big Business of Bethel: Part 2 – Who’s in Charge?

The Really Big Business of Bethel Church: Part 3 – Known for Its Generosity

America’s Great Awakening – “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God!”
“The following article was written by Steve Strang in 1975 for the first edition of Charisma Magazine. It is a brief history of the American Great Awakening in the 1700″s”

Oregon priest performs exorcisms: ‘Cases are getting darker’
** Related Article for Oregon – Ekballo Bend, Oregon – Eagle Mountain Church – Prophetic Intercession Prayers


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Iran has world’s ‘fastest-growing church,’ despite no buildings – and it’s mostly led by women: documentary

Iran Christianity

Sheep Among Wolves Volume II (Official Feature Film)

#TheDevilisGonnaHang #SheepAmongWolves #Maranatha
Today, Iran’s aggressive posture and rogue nuclear weapons program are straining the patience and nerve of the international community. With Iranian fighters, funds, and strategic weapons flooding into the Middle East, significant war appears inevitable. Meanwhile, something surprising is taking place inside this controversial country.

Muslim-background Iranians are leading a quiet but mass exodus out of Islam and bowing their knees to the Jewish Messiah—with kindled affection toward the Jewish people. The Iranian awakening is a rapidly-reproducing discipleship movement that owns no property, no buildings, has no budget, no 501c3 status or any identifier that the church in the west says you must have and is predominantly led by women. THIS IS THEIR STORY.

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”


Martin Geddes The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

It’s called #TheStorm for a reason. Society is being cleansed of “institutionalised criminals” — and it is going to get very turbulent over the next year.

Martin’s article from the end of August on The Storm — How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge (link above) seems to have hit a nerve. It has become a popular “red pill” resource — a second “hit” — and has been reproduced widely.


Pastor Bill Johnson on the recipe for revival, how Bethel Church exploded onto the global scene



The Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real
UFO videos are footage of real ‘unidentified’ objects, US Navy acknowledges
Arizona Supreme Court rules Christian artists can’t be forced to make same-sex wedding invitations


Link >> Martin Geddes – The 4 Functions of Q
Martin Geddes - The 4 Functions of Q

This is where the Q operation comes in: we have had nearly two years of preparation for this moment. Citizen journalists and alternative media are already taking up the mantle of reliable and truthful sources, overtaking the discredited corporate mass media in both audience size and engagement.


Kansas University faculty wants Chick-fil-A banned from campus for fears of LGBTQ ‘safety,’ ‘mental well being’



Some of these conspiracies are fashionable, while others are kooky. In the NPR universe, everything that is good and holy in the world is under constant attack by a host of corporate and subliminal demons: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, the NRA, Mitch McConnell, “white supremacy,” white people in general, “male privilege,” men in general, and so on.


Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ is on the dirty side of Tropical Storm Dorian
Just some August 28th musings…”Dorian” is named after an early Greek people. From the Greek root “Doris” meaning depending on where you look “gift of the ocean”, “bountiful”, “girls of the sea”. Good article from the Miami Herald about Epstein’s spot incurring the highest intensity of the hurricane. Whatever the case….The Justice of God and His heart for those young ladies.

Hxrstory, Cisheteropatriarchy, and the Remaking of America: A New Curriculum Emerges in California

Screens Are Changing the Way We Read Scripture
As digital reading habits rewire our brains, how will we process the Bible differently?

“How to Enter a New Time Gate and Era”
Ray and Renaid Almgren, Monroeville, PA

One-on-One with Greg Strand on Premillenialism and the EFCA

The Five Heart Hopes: How God Speaks the Love Language of Our Souls
God speaks into the unique longings deep within each of us.

The spirit of Jezebel, fatherless America, and mass shootings


Major Geopolitical Changes Ahead: The Peace Plan, Brexit, & ChexitBible Prophecy - United Kingdom - European Union


I’m an evangelist and a Trump voter. But Trump as the ‘second coming of God’ is blasphemous.

Thanks To Trump, Both #ChosenOne And #Antichrist Are Trending On Twitter
The president told reporters he was the “chosen one” to deal with China as he looked to the heavens.

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? (** The answer by the author is NO..worth reading the article)

Who is Wayne Allyn Root, the evangelical Christian Trump quoted to validate his comments on Jews?

Trump quotes conspiracy theorist claiming Israelis ‘love him like he is the second coming of God’

Trump promotes claim that he is ‘King of Israel’ as Jewish people tweet #DisloyalToTrump

‘I Am The Chosen One’: Trump’s Religious Comments Enrage CriticsTrump, Israel, King, Chosen One, Chine Trade War


SF Homeless Project 2019: 24 hours on the streets
San Francisco 2019 Homeless Project

Franklin Graham: SPLC is a ‘sham’
‘It’s a shame that anyone would even consider its opinion’

Martin Geddes - #TheStorm - How to prepare for a global corruption purge

#TheStorm – How to prepare for a global corruption purge?

The Plan To Change Everything: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out