Redding, Bethel – Power, Water, Fire Changing Culture in Northern California

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More on this theme of Redding as undefiled “Goodwater”. Trending News 6-29-19- ** France – Earlier Notre Dame burned – Now Extreme Heat, Power Cuts and Wildfire Danger. Interesting… Wildfires and power cuts plague Europeans as heatwave breaks records Bad PTSD. Bad moments of catatonic staring off into space. What they wanted was some sort Read More

Trump, Notre Dame Cathedral, Johnny Enlow Prophetic Message, LGBTQ Culture War, Abortion, Mountain of Moses

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Homosexuality, Abortion, Donald Trump, Johnny Enlow Prophetic Messages and Culture War Updates Trump spiritual adviser says ‘demonic networks’ have aligned themselves against president – Paula White Ministries PRAYER – “Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down Read More

American Culture – Christian Ministries and Faith Leaders in the Battle Against Abortion, Homosexuality and Socialism

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On the Front Line – Leaders Confront Abortion, Homosexuality and the Socialist Agendas of Our Time. The List Dr. Abby Abildness – Executive Director, Healing Tree International Lourdes Aguirre – Eres America Brian Alarid – America Prays and World Prays Jonathan Alexandre – Senior Counsel for Governmental Affairs, Liberty Counsel Marcy Allen – 24/7 National Read More

Identity In Jesus Christ Scriptures for Emotional and Inner Healing

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New Beginnings in Christ – Identity Study What if God actually wanted me to succeed and be prosperous? What if God likes me? What if I’ve been wrong about everything? ** View Poema Chronicles: Inner Healing Resources Elijah House Ministries Theophostic Prayer Aslan’s Place Arthur Burk and Plumbline Ministries Jubilee Resources Read More

How To Make Natural Cold and Flu Remedy Antiviral Plague Master Tonic

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Natural Plague and Sickness Master Tonic: The ingredients, if fresh and organic, are extremely powerful. They are anti-parasitical and anti-viral. They stimulate and purify the blood. (UPDATE: Ongoing blood purification now, can only help given the current state of the virulent H1N1 virus pandemic also know as the Swine Flu.) I got this recipe originally Read More

ISIS Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East

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The following are excerpts from a lengthy report submitted to Secretary of State John Kerry by the Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians – March 9, 2016. UPDATE: 21 Unremarkable Martyrs and Their Remarkable Gifts to the World It would be a good idea for every awakened Christian to download and read the Read More

2019 a year of Extreme Revelation – Johnny Enlow Prophetic Word

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2019 is here. These are a selection of what we here at Redding Prophetic deem to be of the highest quality regarding the Word test, the Fruit test and the Glory test in evaluating and passing along the plethora of prophetic words flowing into the pipeline. ————– We have entered into perhaps the most revelatory Read More

K Index, A Index, (SFI) Solar Flux Index, HF Band Conditions, Propagation

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Three major indexes are used by HF Ham operators to interpret probable HF band propagation at any given time – K index, A index and SFI. The Sun is constantly shooting electro-magnetic particles into the Earth’s ionosphere. These particles along with seasonal weather, solar flares and Sunspot activity, combine to create ever-changing, low to severe Read More

HF Frequency Bands from 1.8 to 29.7 Mhz and Ham Radio Q Signals

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The following is a list of the HF Frequency bands from 1.8 to 29.7 Megahertz and also a handy list of common Ham Radio Q Signals. This arrangement is not law or regulation it is simply a consolidation of good practice techniques by the amateur radio community. 160 Meters 1.800 – 2.000 MHz 1.800 – Read More

Amateur Radio 2 Meter 144 – 148 Mhz Band Plan

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Band Plans in the Ham radio spectrum are not for the most part officially regulated by the FCC. These band plans developed through the common courtesy and agreed upon “good practice” throughout the Ham community. They are arranged so that all transmission modes, technologies and requirements (repeaters, simplex, beacons, SSB, CW, etc) have their own Read More

Amateur Radio Emergency Services – ARES and RACES – First Aid, Disaster Radio Communication Field Supplies

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Amateur Radio Emergency Service – ARES and RACES – FIRST AID and DISASTER RADIO COMMUNICATION FIELD SUPPLIES Two national amateur radio emergency services exist – ARES and RACES. RACES – Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service is coordinated and run by the US Federal Government activated among preexisting membership of amateur radio volunteers as part of Read More

Redding Firefighters – Cullen Kreider, Gerry Gray, #CarrFire, 10/19

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Carr Fire, Cullen Kreider and Gerry Gray in Redding, California offer a unique glimpse into the signs and symbols of Shasta County’s transformational season. California Gold and the Redding of California The Summer of 2018 and October – We go from “ashes” and the clearing of the “underbrush and swamp” to the “cultivation of newly Read More

Inrupt, Solid, Tim Berners-Lee, Open Source Web Data Empowerment

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Inrupt’s mission is to ensure that Solid becomes widely adopted by developers, businesses, and eventually … everyone; that it becomes part of the fabric of the web. Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web Inrupt is Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision to produce the necessary resources to transform Read More

New QAnon Reformation, Blue Church, WWG1WGA, Wonderland and Foucault’s Pendulum

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Qanon and the Deep State Proverbs 3:25-26 – “Do not be afraid of sudden panic, or of the storm that strikes the wicked; for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.” Qanon Drops: QAnon Ongoing Updates:>> – Praying Medic – Johnny Enlow – “For clarity’s sake Read More

Carr Fire, Ekballo, Jerusalem, #metoo, Trump, LGBT, UFOs

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Daily Update Archive May – August, 2018 Carr Fire Prophecy and California Robin D. Bullock – California Wind and Fire Prophecy ————————————- Lou Engle – Ekballo School House of Prayer – Hawaii ————————————- Northern California wildfires still expanding UPDATE – Sunday Aug 5, 2018 – The Mendocino Complex fires have swelled to become larger than Read More

Carr Fire Prophecy and California

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What did Redding Lose before the Carr Fire? This is the first pre-Carr Fire prophetic word we have heard. “And I heard the Lord say that the winds our West. Winds blowing over the state of California are going to be detrimental. Because the wind that was meant to be a blessing and refreshing to Read More

Carr Fire – Redding, California – Shasta, Trinity & Tehama Counties

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The Carr Fire in Redding and Shasta County California Update – Carr Fire 360 Aerial Views Here’s where the Carr fire destroyed homes in Northern California …A fragment of charred scripture from the Carr Fire found by a Redding, CA couple from 1 Kings 20:13 1 Kings 20:13 “Then a certain prophet came up to Read More

University of Wyoming Cowboy Mascot Gay Transgender Assault on Manhood

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“The World Needs More Cowboys” – University of Wyoming enlarges the assault on gender separation and manhood. PROPHESY, HISTORY, DISCOVERIES Nimrod and the Goddess eunuchs and transvestites, and she was apparently the first in history to make a practice of sex reassignment: She the right side (male) into the left side (female), She Read More