Identity In Jesus Christ Scriptures for Emotional and Inner Healing

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New Beginnings in Christ – Identity Study What if God actually wanted me to succeed and be prosperous? What if God likes me? What if I’ve been wrong about everything? The following bible scriptures are a study of my identity and destiny in Jesus Christ. The story of who I am apart from who I Read More

ISIS Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East

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The following are excerpts from a lengthy report submitted to Secretary of State John Kerry by the Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians – March 9, 2016. UPDATE: 21 Unremarkable Martyrs and Their Remarkable Gifts to the World It would be a good idea for every awakened Christian to download and read the Read More

2019 a year of Extreme Revelation – Johnny Enlow Prophetic Word

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2019 is here. These are a selection of what we here at Redding Prophetic deem to be of the highest quality regarding the Word test, the Fruit test and the Glory test in evaluating and passing along the plethora of prophetic words flowing into the pipeline. ————– We have entered into perhaps the most revelatory Read More

Prophetic Art, Prophetic Worship – Redding, California

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(Featured Image: “The Resurgence of Joy” – Redding Prophetic – 2018) Particularly in Redding, California and Shasta County the expression of Holy Spirit Prophetic Artistic Outpouring …among the prophetic sojourners and creative worship intercessors at Bethel and throughout the North State Body of Christ. Expressions of worship and colorful representations of the move of God Read More

Bethel Redding Prophetic Supernatural Ministry – Church History

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Historical Perspective – Apostolic and Prophetic Hub in Redding and Shasta County Joe Mathews: Redding’s relationship with Bethel mega-church is complicated, productive CAN BETHEL CHURCH MAKE REDDING, CALIFORNIA, HEAVEN ON EARTH?Maybe Not, but the 11,000-Member Community Gives Unsparingly to the City Bethel Church in Redding California is a core component of North State (Shasta County Read More

Godly Man, Prophet and Male Character

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Prophetic Dangerous Biblical Manhood UPDATE: “3 Keys to Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit” James W. Goll Stand in the gap, guard the gate, a prophetic special forces soldier wearing the armor, knowing how to wield the weapon of the Word, marked with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit; all the while being broken bread and Read More

Prophetic Signs, Words, Kingdom Culture, Destiny, 7 Mountains

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Prophetic Signs and Events Johnny Enlow: “Prophetic Signs: Justify Wins, Volcanoes Erupt & Israel Turns 70” “Justify: The word means “vindicate” and it clearly speaks into the matter of Justice, which is God’s theme for the moment. The #metoo phenomenon, the Justice League movie, are evidences of a societal agreement.” Ekballo School Hawaii – Pahoa Read More


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Kingdom Culture Bethel Redding Notes from Salt and Light Conference Bill Johnson – Senior Leader of Bethel Church TAKE AWAY: Bill opened with the comment, “The Holy Spirit is in every believer but not resting on every believer”. This could certainly be open to scriptural interpretation. His point is getting at a “Presence based Culture”. Hosting the Read More