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Daily Updates

NY bookstore owner closes for ‘day of mourning’ in protest of abortion law

Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon Sunday night – 1/20/19

John 20:19 – “On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”


If You Love How Much America Is Winning, Then Show It With This Trump 2020 Bumper Sticker!


Redding, California Restoration – Homelessness and Poverty


2019 a year of Extreme Revelation – Johnny Enlow Prophetic Word

Johnny Enlow - Prophetic Word for the New Year - 2019


Cindy Jacobs 2019…Year of Transition

Word of the Lord


“2019 is a year of transition into the blessings, as we’re moving toward 2020 (2 Chron. 20:20 – believe the prophets, and you will prosper and be blessed). To build on the previous section, this is a year of birthing new things, of transitions. We need to remember that there is joy set before us.” God’s been giving you dreams, visions, and a sense that you’re to move forward in a certain way during this next season, but as you’ve begun trying to move forward, you’re getting resistance.”


2019 Prophetic Word
No Delay It’s Time to Proceed to the Next New Level – Possess The Land! A Big Word, For Now, Is “Occupy!” – Bobby Conner – Eagle’s View Ministries

The Pences: defenders of Christian values in the White House
Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardinal
At the peak of the Holocaust, Nazis murdered more than 14,000 Jews a day, scholar says
Kyrsten Sinema – Arizona Senator
First Openly Bisexual Senator Sworn In…

Doesn’t Take Oath on Bible…


Green New Deal
OCASIO-CORTEZ: Raise Tax Rates to 70%!

82.7% for richest New Yorkers…

Compares self to Lincoln, FDR…

Ocasio-Cortez’s Radical Mandate for Govt Control…
Gender-based justice, Reparations, Universal income, Medicare for All…

March For Life 2019 – “Science is behind the Pro-Life Movement.”
Pray to end abortion at the world’s largest pro-life event.


Lesbian ‘BATWOMAN’ Series Moving Forward… Touted as ‘social justice’ superhero…

Here’s The CW’s official description: Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane [Rose] soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.”


Lawsuit Claims SPLC Abetted Theft, Spread Lies to Destroy Lawyer for ‘Thought Crime’


2019 is here. These are a selection of what we here at Redding Prophetic deem to be of the highest quality regarding the Word test, the Fruit test and the Glory test in evaluating and passing along the plethora of prophetic words flowing into the pipeline.

** This one, in particular, is a very relevant word for insight into the prophetic journey. Setbacks. Living on a cliff. Especially at point 5. See the link.
Releasing dormant gifting and flowing into writing.
Prophecy for 2019: God Is Releasing Strong Anointing to Write on Prophets, Psalmist – Andy Sanders

The Coming Year—Unity and Shaking – Rick Joyner

Prophetic Word: The Libraries Of Heaven, The Sovereign King And ‘No More Delay!’ – Larry Sparks

Discovery, Release & Turning Point – 3 Prophetic Words for 2019 – Helen Calder

“Prophetic Word for 2019: ‘My Great Partnership is Upon You!'” – Helen Cobanov

2019: YEAR OF ABUNDANT HARVEST – Kenneth Copeland

A Gritty and Meaty word for 2019. On this New Year’s weekend. Worth the watch. This is vintage Rick Joyner by the way. Amazing. Lengthy notes.
Jeremiah Johnson. Morningstar Ministries Vision Conference. Ft. Mill, South Carolina.


Say it Jeremiah!. Watchman. Guard the Gate!. 2019 The Year of the Watchman. A call to the wall. Fathers to the wall of their families. Speaking against deception. Matthew 24:42. Be on the alert. “It blows up my American Dream”.. I ruins my church growth plan.”…God is releasing a generation of messengers who speak provocation on the earth. Call forth the truth speakers. “God what in my life do I need to change right now?” This is a period of history…when is enough going to be enough? Breaking up the fallow ground. The fear of man removed. Groaning and travailing for our city. Resistance against, “Don’t say that you’ll lose followers.” Conviction to speak. We are living in a period of history where the devil will back you up against a wall and you better know what you believe. We have become desensitized. God is going to sound the alarm in the church again. “What are you willing to sell for the truth?” Unafraid of what is coming to our church because of our culture. Isaiah 56:7 – watchman are blind, know nothing, dumb dogs, dreamers lying down, love to slumber, greedy dogs, never satisfied, shepherds without understanding, turned to their own way, enjoy unjust gain. How strategic was the watchman anointing in the old testament. (***Also remember (my comments) Kris Vallotton’s recent prophetic word about the Nehemiah rebuilding for Paradise, CA). Watchman drawing a bloodline around territory. (*** RE the bloodline teaching listen to this incredible podcast from Redding’s very own Faith Assembly teaching here….https://faithassemblyredding.org/sermons-teaching/ #4 Stand, Pray, Watch the Bloodline). Abortion…the shedding of innocent blood. Spiritual abortion. Hanging around people who are killing the baby of what God has put inside of us. Give me friends. Give me messengers. Give me people who will tell me the truth. Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Vs. 12….spirit of drunkeness. Defiled holy things. Tired of Facebook Prophets. Tired of people who stand you up for a debit card before they give you a prophetic word. This is the time to take inventory. To look around the inner circle of my life to reassess. Is there anyone in my life who loves me enough to tell me “you are full of it”. People get hit with real raw truth and others say, “he didn’t mean that.” There is mercy that God is offering in this hour. Here am I. Watchman and Prophets to bend the church. “The lack of demonstration in the church is a direct result of the lack of consecration.” A cleansing. Purification and courage that comes upon the church. A company of Lion’s to begin to Roar in this Nation. Foreheads as strong as flint. Lord, do it in me! Decree that unholy alliances be broken. Anything or anyone that does not abide in the truth. “I’m forging arrows and swords, says the Lord. As iron sharpens iron.” (**Yes Lord, raising up Redding, and Chico and the surrounding region…for revival praying and a plumbline here in CA and the North State). Breaking the spirit of discouragement. Do not be afraid of the coming assignments. 2 Tim 4:17…The Lord stood with me and strengthened me…. **Rick Joyner sharing what he saw in the dream…A few pieces. God’s strategy of bringing down the great strongholds of our time. Standing in line with many others to be a part of the strategy. “Come with me you have a different assignment..showing Heaven’s perspective on our US History. For the US. But the principles apply to many other nations. Something happing here that is critical for us to understand. From left to right history moved. The US is not known in Heaven as the US. It is known as the American Republic. Where we are not. A sentence written in colorful flaming amber….The Second American Revolution / Civil War is inevitable. It is right and it will be successful. Heavens perspective of our revolutionary war is very different from our perspective. The main purpose was that we would be a place that all men are created equal and there would be liberty and justice for all. Not our independence. If we had understood this we would never had to endure the Civil War. It has to do with our potential before the Lord. Justice and Liberty ** Take a look back at Johnny Enlow’s recent words on “Justice”)… Some believe that the american revolution began in the 1730’s when George Whitfield went to the common people and began to preach that followers of Christ are the Royal Priesthood and carried the message to the US to Richmond VA and many call that the womb of the Revolution. The seeds of this concept that all men given equal opportunity before God….when you are born again by my Spirit you can go as far as you want to go. The “American Republic could not continue to exist with slavery in the midst. What we are in today is “You have to finish the job”. Like Joshua holding out the arm until the enemy is destroyed. Our purpose and destiny is to finish the job. “What does Heaven’s perspective on ‘successful’ look like? “Arising of the Dread Champions” Perspective is not how do we prevent this division that will lead to civil war. The perspective is now how do we win? It’s time for war. Once the war starts everything changes. The civil war has gone right on. You have to identify your enemy. We are not warring against flesh and blood but there and individuals and organizations that are evil strongholds we need to go against. The champions were lining up to tee of on a golf course. The strategy of getting on the fairway. The strategy. With enemies in the trees. Mobilizing to go after one of these demonic strongholds. One of the ways to understand your strategy or call is what “tees” you off. Human trafficking. Abortion, Complacency. What is in our heart is connected with what we need to get provoked and weeping over the times and darkness. A broken heart. Provocations and the calling going off in our heart. We are coming to a time of literal fighting in America. Fighting in our streets and neighborhoods. Some of our cities burning. We are getting pushed back right now. We can’t retreat any further. We must fulfill our purpose. There is a technological totalitarian spirit that wants to take over our nation. The US is not the New Jerusalem. There is not a special biblical covenant with God. America is dedicated to God. And everything dedicated to the Lord is holy and set apart for a holy purpose. Rev 12 is connected with our purpose. Israel and the Church. Natural and Spiritual. The persecution in history was the Inquisition. The earth opened. What happened at the end. Colombus discovered America and the wings of a great eagle opened. We are a haven for persecuted people. Specifically Christians and Jews. The woman who gave birth to the man child. Convey vision and purpose to our country. We are entering some very serious and intense times. Trump— He is like a Peter. He is not confused. He is not lamenting anything. Trump thrives in a fight and loves his job. Realizing our purpose as a nation. God’s vision. Preaching and holding up the destiny with much greater resolve. Pray for revival and the great awakening. People. Fight to Win.