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“Elijah is the prophet of fire. He warns of the fire to come. He calls down fire by intercessory prayer.” …And so John and Paula Sanford begin their book “The Elijah Task – A Call to Todays Prophets”. “Elijah today will be prophets of the Lord who warn of the onset of tribulation. Prophets will be used of God to protect His own within the flames of tribulation in a pain-maddened world. They will call the body to pray most specifically to prevent or soften many tragedies. Controlled spiritual fire is even more necessary and valuable Men must learn, as Paul did, to let affliction work its weight of gold.” And so begins this group “Redding Prophetic”. A work in progress. Asking questions. Watching and Praying in Redding California.

Redding Prophetic
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Recommended Reading:

The Elijah Task: A Call to Today’s Prophets and Intercessors
By John and Paula Sandford


It illumines the Bible like a searchlight, pointing out the mysteries of God. There still is much confusion and misuse of the office and the responsibilities of the prophet and the intercessor in the Christian arena. John and Paula Sandford explain how prophets are called and trained. With a great passion and urgency, they challenge all intercessors to realize and understand their vital role in the world today and how closely they must work with the prophets. John and Paula Sandford clearly explain:

What it means to be called and trained as a prophet or intercessor
How to understand dreams and visions and hear directly from God
Why it is important for the body to work in unity

This book is filled with spiritual discoveries that will effect dynamic changes in every reader.