How to Start Prophetic Investing for Kingdom Finance Wealth

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Developing a kingdom wealth and financial increase mindset.

Trying to make money.

The thing with investing is you have to have money to invest in the first place. Disillusioned bad vibes on the whole situation. Impoverished Christians seeking out prophetic investing clubs and the latest multilevel-marketing scheme in churches. The latest kingdom wealth building online course. Prophetic dreams about penny stock picks. Seven Mountain Mandate Joseph Storehouse Anointing teachings on generating fabulous wealth from the unrighteous.

The Joseph Anointing: Prophetic and Entrepreneurial – Nathan Shaw

OK maybe those links are for my own research. Trying to write something out. I need to dial down on my own issues of what exactly? I need an actual bank account because I have been using a Walmart money card which is great for direct deposit and free cash withdrawals. The only drawback is twofold. 1. I can’t use it for a typical stock / investment trading account. 2. I can’t rent a car with a Walmart prepaid debit card.

I was looking at stock charts…

Penny Stocks 101 – How to Find Trades

…doing some initial investigations and looked at stocks starting at 1 penny and moving up to the most expensive which at this point is Berkshire Hathaway at $306,000 per share. So I’m’ thinking ok starting from scratch with my current budget for investing which is about $100 and by the way I am using the very cool Robinhood investing Android app and online platform to move forward. Like I said above Robinhood doesn’t take Walmart Money debit cards so once I get an actual bank account at a regular bank I can fund the process.

So I picked penny stocks just to do research.

You can do this also. Just start from zero and go down the FINVIZ list. On the day you look go up to just under $2 and make a list of all the penny stocks that are green or gaining on that day. You will notice that Israel companies and Canadian gold, precious metal and silver companies are mostly green. That is fascinating. As a prophetic end times aficionado I’m interested in the fact that Israel companies are in the majority green.

Even at the penny stock level.

I created links for all of these. Take a look. Some up. Some down. Penny stocks are there for a reason. It’s good educational research to see movements. But as we will see in a moment with the example of Walmart Red Kidney Beans there is potential to scrape the fat off the surface a few cents at a time.

Eventide Gilead Fund – Investing that makes the world rejoice

HMY $2.47 Harmony Gold Mining Company South Africa
SB $2.20 Safe Bulkers, Ink Shipping Greece
CRIS $2.36 Curis, Inc Biotech USA
USAS $2.82 Americas Silver Corporation USA
EXK $2.39 Endeavour Silver Corp Canada
MUX $1.85 McEven Mining Inc Gold Canada
NGD $1.38 New Gold, Inc Canada
GSV $1.01 Gold Standard Ventures Corp Canada
ALO $0.87 Alio Gold Inc Canada
AAU $0.78 Almaden Minerals Ltd.  Gold Canada
ASM $0.78 Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd Canada
AKG $0.80 Asanko Gold Inc Canada
VGZ $0.86 Vista Gold Corp Canada
TRX $1.00 Tanzanian Gold Corp Canada
APVO $0.90 Aptevo Therapeutics Inc  Bio USA
EVOK $1.11 Evoke Pharma, Inc USA
QTRH $1.23 Quarterhill Inc Communications Canada
SNGX $1.25 Soligenix, Inc BioTech USA
SAVA $1.42 Cassava Sciences, Inc Bio USA
INOD $1.33 Innodata Inc TechIT USA
DMPI $1.58 DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc Canada
MYOS $1.57 MYOS RENS Technology Pharma USA
AEY $1.75 ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc USA
HEBT $2.05 Hebron Technology Co., Ltd. China
CSTM $12.67 Constellium SE  Aluminum Netherlands
ALSK $1.94 Alaska Communications Systems Group USA
AQXP $2.71 Aquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Canada
SMTS $1.53 Sierra Metals Inc. Canada
AXU $1.67 Alexco Resource Corp.  Metals Canada
PLX $0.37 Protalix Bio Therapeutics, Inc. Israel
PSTI $4.60 Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Bio Israel
NNDM $0.39 Nano Dimension Ltd   Tech Israel
IGLD $0.33 Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd.  Comm Israel
ZN $0.33 Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. Israel / USA
OTIV $0.37 On Track Innovations Ltd.  Business Equip Israel
DRIO $0.44 DarioHealth Corp Healthcare Israel
MYSZ $0.63 My Size, Inc. Tech Israel
EMITF $0.50 Elbit Imaging Ltd.  Property Mgmt. Israel
APOP $0.53 Cellect Biotechnology Ltd  Healthcare Israel
ABIL $0.79 Ability Inc.   Communication Israel
KTOV $0.86 Kitov Pharma Ltd.   Bio Israel
FRSX $1.88 Foresight Autonomous Holdings, Ltd  Tech Israel
MNDO $2.19 MIND C.T.I. Ltd.   Technology Israel
VGZ $0.92 Vista Gold Corp Canada
TRX $1.00 Tanzanian Gold Corp Canada
SAVA $1.40 Cassava Sciences, Inc Bio USA
DMPI $1.59 DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc Canada
CSTM $12.66 Constellium SE  Aluminum Netherlands
ALSK $1.94 Alaska Communications Systems Group USA
SMTS $1.53 Sierra Metals Inc. Canada
PSTI $4.53 Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Bio Israel

The other thing about Penny Stocks in general is that in my mind they build confidence – just in the research. In other words, it’s something I could afford to do – spend $50 on an .18 cent stock that is going up. Use the Robinhood app.

Investing With Insight – GROW YOUR WEALTH – with Easy-to-Follow Investment Strategies, In-Depth Market Analysis, Kingdom Principles and Prophetic Insight.

So let’s do the math. That comes to $49.86 for 277 shares. Let’s say it goes up 3 cents during the day to 21 cents. 277 x .21 = $58.17. Sell it all before it goes down. So you made $8.31. Then use that and continuing to look at the Fivrz charts you find another interesting penny stock doing green and spend the $58.17 and continue process. This is like skimming cents of the surface. It’s like what Walmart makes on the can of red kidney beans on the shelf. You buy it for .68 cents and they may make 6 cents profit after distribution and labor costs but if they are selling 4 million cans of red kidney beans at 6 cents profit that is $240,000 profit on just the kidney beans and combine that with the hundreds of thousand other products that they are making a few cents on and it adds up to quite a bit.

Same concept.

One of my strategies for investing and picking stocks is looking at what people want as in “the world”. Vice. Greed. Why not right? Make money off the Dwellers on the Earth who live in Babylon. We are Saints in the Wilderness.

Cannabis (CBD), Alcohol, Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals (Opiods), Scratch Off Lottery Tickets, Video Games (Gaming), Entertainment. Different strategies here.

There is a lot of investing programs and advice about trends and strategy and come up with $1000 to plop down on a trading account. This article speaks to perhaps those of you who are at the point of just above homelessness and you can scrape together a few bucks from quarters and change in the bottom of your car. You know how you clean up the bottom of your car and find that old penny stuck down where the seat belt meets the carpet and it has a dried piece of gum and a hair struck to it – yep add that penny to your investment profile.

See here is the thing.

No one is really talking about how to start investing while you are just above homelessness, at the rice and beans level and people want to know actionable emergency steps of 1,2,3.

There are a lot of bigtime kingdom marketing courses around prophetic investing insights and sign up for the latest kingdom wealth building webinar which is really paying a subscription fee for an e book or more classes that are behind a paywall.

8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge

The other situation is that most of us don’t have the financial stability or time to spend 20 years slowly spinning off money into retirement accounts and long term mutual fund growth accounts.

You need cash now.

So…this is step 1. Dismantling the give up mindset.

I’ve struggled with that.

And so in many ways it’s starting over again looking out on the expansive field of options and asking myself how do I even start over again?

I need to get closer to the action. What action might that be?

So this is the base line of investing. Starting from absolute zero. Because there is all these courses and teachings on giving yourself to prosper and kingdom wealth and like I discussed above.

MAKE A BILLION IN ONE YEAR – Strategy Guide by Dietmar Scherf


You know what I have found that works? Tithing. I have known that to be true. Over and over again I put in even $20 in the plate at my church and wouldn’t you know it but God came through in His promises outlined in the old testament book of Malachi – returned back pressed down and shaken together. Some times it was the exact amount 10x’d.

If you have made it this far in the article you are like this is the most bizarre investment article you have ever read…

….but I would imagine you can probably in one way or another relate. See here is what I have seen to be a common experience. There are prophetically minded christians who are in various stages of life, single and out there on the fringes in some way regarding relationships and church life and seeking. God’s direction, “increase”, healing, ministry…widowhood or divorce or grown children and all of the above…

And these folks gravitate to the latest prophetic Holy Spirit anointing outpourings of movements and happenings….like, IHOP KC, Brownsville Florida, Toronto Blessing and more currently in recent history all the happenings at Morningstar Ministries in Ft. Mill South Carolina. Moving up to the current big time place to be is of course Bethel Church here in Redding, California. Heaven in Business and BSSM.

So investing starts with a new mindset and a better attitude with a job.

The point is starting over. Oh yeah, I was talking about these 24 / 7 prophetic intercessor prayer houses. What happened is that people basically use them for homeless shelters undercover so to speak. It’s actually fascinating to watch. There was one in Ft. Mill South Carolina back in the day called ZHOP and I knew a couple that were living in their car. They would pull in and sit in the place during the day in the air conditioning and then at night flow between the car in the parking lot, the seats and the bathroom. And people do this. Believers do this. More common than you may think. People show up here in Redding on Greyhound bus after hearing about Bethel and all that is happening and show up seeking in faith some outcome; someplace. And ultimately that is good. But it is fascinting. Show up at the Alabaster Prayer House and just sit there. Walk into the coffee shop at Bethel and fill up water bottles and use the free wifi. Cruise back to the prayer house. That is why Bethel has prophetic bodyguards and security – well at least one of the reasons.

And bolted onto all of these operations is that people are looking for breakthrough.

Housing, Money, Mission, Wife, Husband, Connection, Ministry, Calling, Advancement, Finance….Healing, Direction…

Investment Prophecy – The Complete Guide for Beginners

So…talking about investing is getting the entirety of this article and all of the above out of the way. Starting over.

The investment content are actually the links I have provided throughout of some information I have found to point in the right direction.

It really boils down to belief in that yes God does want to bless and provide new and really amazing connections and opportunities for business success, financial blessing, income to use as a conduit for steward to mission, ministries and individuals how are moving in God’s ways.

How to do it?

Create Content.

How do you actually make money to invest with? You can get taught principles all day long but at the end of the day it is about content creation – right? Content Creation – write a book, make a video, produce a widget to sell – like the Walmart can of red kidney beans or you can create an online e-course on how to create an online e-course. The self referential subscription loop. Marketing and selling an information course on how to market and sell an information course. Laughing about this because it is funny. Selling information.

I mean you can always push shopping carts in at Walmart. With is actually not bad with the minimum wage in California right now at $12 an hour in combination with living in my car and saving money I actually felt wealthy. And for some that might work.

Or put up links to really cool books on Amazon like that which are on this post. Learn web skills.

And Pray. So this is a train of consciousness outline of the thinking process of how to even start to get started. Hope this resonates with you. Cause for a lot of us all this talk about kingdom wealth and prophetic investing doesn’t address backing up to the beginning of the pipeline and talking about food, gas, and keeping the cell phone going. Take a look at the links and the books. They help to educate and stimulate the thinking and belief process that there is hope, there is a way – that first penny by the seatbelt on the carpet with the gum and hair on it laying just under your driver seat.

Create content.

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