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Inrupt’s mission is to ensure that Solid becomes widely adopted by developers, businesses, and eventually … everyone; that it becomes part of the fabric of the web.

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Inrupt is Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision to produce the necessary resources to transform the web into an engine of revolutionary personal choice, control and ownership of content without having that content stored on digital giant silos like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Solid: Empowering people through choice

The original intention of the web was that data is controlled by it’s creator. Innovation and creativity are stifled when held as digital captives on business profit platforms used for division and political agendas.

Inrupt – One Small Step for the Web…


The Solid Pod DNA allows YOU to make decisions about YOUR digital data. Everything you create remains your intellectual and creative property. You own your comments, texts, photos, contacts, events, articles and are free to store, access, control, move and share at any time.


What is Solid?

The Solid Community

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Solid Pods are the new Wild West World Wide Web land grab. You control the property lines and access point of your digital and content creations. Not Facebook, not Google, not the U.S. Federal Government, not Amazon, not Microsoft or anyone else. Inrupt overseeing Solid Pod development empowers an individual to become the content and creative prime minister of their own digital governmental property ecosystem.

More information on Inrupt and Solid here….this is just the beginning!

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