Is the 7 Mountain message “Dominionism”?

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As the 7 Mountain Mandate begins to hit critical mass it is going through another level of doctrinal and practical scrutiny…

from Johnny Enlow …, which I wholeheartedly embrace. There are legitimate questions to be asked and answered as this 7 Mountain reformation train does need to stay on the right tracks so as not to derail.

Influence not Dominion

The 5 questions:
1. Is the Seven (7) Mountain Message Dominionism?
2. Does the Seven Mountain Message diminish the Church?
3. Does the Seven Mountain Message diminish Prayer or the Prayer Movement? No
4. Can Nations really be Transformed before Jesus Returns?
5. Can the Kingdom Fully Come before Jesus Returns?

** Update –

YouTube Video October 2019 from Johnny Enlow – Does the Seven Mountain Message Diminish the Church?


In a YouTube live post Johnny Enlow addresses controversies attached to this question. Is the 7M message “dominionism”?

Update and 7M Controversies

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The short answer is NO, but that alone is not a satisfactory answer. First of all, let me address what seems to be almost entirely lost to those who brand something “dominionism” is that the concept of “dominion” was not invented by a crazy Charismatic that had a dream, vision or revelation that surreptitiously planted this idea into his non-Bible-cherishing mind. From that distortion has progressed a presumptive notion that if anyone is using the word “dominion” that they are an extra-biblical heretic- end of discussion.

As is often the case with many of the notorious “defenders of Biblical orthodoxy” -they seem not to have read half of the Bible and then wage war not even using the handful of scriptures they are familiar with. They are “defenders of Biblical orthodoxy” but their specialty is not Biblical orthodoxy but branding. Get branded a “dominionist” and no more discussion is needed. Get branded “NAR” (New Apostolic Reformation) and no more discussion is needed. Get branded something else and there is no need to even go to the Scriptures and honestly search through the written word. They will impune a whole movement with a brand that often many or most in that movement don’t even know what it means. Now having gotten that off my chest let me still say I am not a “dominionist” and the 7 mountain mandate is NOT “dominionism” -unless improperly represented.

The word “Dominion” and term come directly from THE BIBLE and specifically Gen. 1:26-28 where God “made man in His image” and says “have dominion…over every living thing that moves.”

That passage does make it a “dominion mandate” of some sort. However, if not quickly pointed out that the “dominion” is NOT OVER PEOPLE then the supposed mandate can go off track. Our “dominion” is to be general stewardship over the planet including the subjection of all that is demonic. Confirmed in Romans 16:20 “the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet”. That is who gets dominated. Furthermore to the degree the word dominion is excessively used to that degree it becomes increasingly counterproductive and does become unacceptable “dominionism”.

The 7 Mountain mandate is definitively NOT about Christians ruling over non-Christians. The kingdom of God can NEVER be advanced through imposition over humans.

It can only be advanced through love, favor and influence as was the example of Jesus. He did not come flinging lightning bolts and demand adherence to His words/commandments/kingdom. It was always an invitation that respected the will of man. “The Son of Man came to serve” -and it is in that same spirit that we are to operate in the 7 mountains/spheres of society.

To even think too frequently through a “dominion” paradigm damages the spirit we are to show up in. It is not “take over” thinking it is “loving and serving” thinking. “Take over” thinking is only permitted as it relates to heaven invading earth and “taking over” a previously hellish reality. Even though the “heresy hunters” seem to need to get a life (when you don’t have one you attack those who do have one) I can still be thankful that it offers the opportunity for us to get it clear in what spirit and mindset we show up in every sphere of society.

We are only returning to Jesus very first message – “You are the salt of the earth”, “You are the light of the world.” (Mt. 5:13-16)

Ultimately to argue with the 7 Mountain mandate/message is to argue with Jesus original and foundational instruction to us. “Take who I am EVERYWHERE and not just under the “bushel” of church. Wherever you don’t take me- it will rot- and when it does it will then trample you and cast you out.” That in its simplest form is “the 7 Mountain Mandate.”

The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence








The 7 Mountain Controversy Transcript
this is Johnny Enlow though going live from Nashville Tennessee and so this is not this is my first time doing it from Nashville Tennessee this is our first time going live I think since we left California and we arrived Nashville June first and it has been a whirlwind it’s been amazing we’ve been to Israel with a team of 60 something people and that was amazing and just got back a couple few days ago from Brazil from Rio and Sao Paulo and some really amazing meetings connections amazing things God is doing in that nation and headed Monday for Peru and Chile for significant Kingdom business as well and in between there have been two Colorado Springs and Bend Oregon and Spokane Washington Healing Rooms conference and so many amazing things so it’s been a while since I’ve been able to talk to any of you and you know I put out something just a little post not that long ago I got was able to go live quicker than I thought and I want to go ahead and get into I wanted to cover some seven Mountain controversies and as I said in my little post on my facebook there it’s it’s quite evident that this message has hit critical mass from from not just from some heavier scrutiny and attention but the invitations whose opened up to it who who we are speaking to major movements major ministries that are realizing that this is a message that they really do need to incorporate into their processing of how the kingdom of God comes on earth and so in it again related to the message to seven Mountain message seven spheres of society to have to be reached with Kingdom influence kingdom presence Kingdom solutions that we don’t just have an assignment to the mountain of religion that would be just one of the mountains but we also have an assignment to media economy government education family arts and payment as well as the mountain of religion I think I said seven their total and there’s you know our books or I should have brought one out here we have our brand new book just released in July rise the Reformers manual for the seven mountains and if I can run and get one I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that I need to talk to you all about that it’s an amazing resource it’s really like three or four books compressed into one we did the Lord spoke a year ago it said Johnny this message is going to stop being just a forerunner message it’s going to be the runner message so get resources ready and we have a you know a Rise app or I stands for Reformers influencing society everyday that is developing and be ripped it will be ready first part of next year and and so we we were instructed by the Lord to be prepared for this thing to go at another at another speed in another level of favor and in that level of favor of course there’s fresh attention to it and and scrutiny there’s elements of the enemy would be after the message as well because it’s it’s the church out of the box and it’s the church not just having the meetings but it’s the church receiving the kingdom in every area of society truly finally connecting reconnecting back to Jesus original message his first message you are the salt of the earth you are the light of the world and how we really have to be as a city on a hill we can’t be hidden in the four walls of church but we got a showcase the kingdom so let me just go into there’s five questions I think I mentioned in the post that I was going to address five controversy so we’re just going to do so real briefly I gave a brief answer in in the Facebook post and we will address them a little a little more right now there these things are essentially most of these are covered in one way or another in our in our books and and some of these points very directly so controversy number one is this dominionism as a seven mountain message dominionism number two it does the seven mountainous the church number three does the seven mountains diminish prayer or the prayer movement number four can nations really be transformed before jesus returns that’s a controversy and number five can the kingdom fully come before Jesus returns now I you know part of the challenge for me for those who haven’t heard when I you know received what I did on the seven mounts I did not know that there had been any other recipients of seven mountains and and so and you know it’s been great because it allows there to be a better convergence there’s a symphony of voices and so I found out after the fact that the bill bright Lauren Cunningham bill Bryant Campus Crusade Lauren Cunningham of Huawei him they were ones that years before had received just the general idea again it’s different to identify seven primary spheres and then to also get that will say wisdom instruction strategy from the Lord how to go into each and every mountain and and so my approach has still always been very personal what he tells me and I just not really paying attention to what other seven Mountain proponents are saying and so there are now so many proponents of the seven mountain so many books associated with it I can’t I can’t be assured that there are not these specific distortions coming out that we are addressing in these controversies in and the way it’s presented by others but I just be true to what I’ve been saying and beginning the first book release seven mount prophecy in 2008 and there was a seven mount mantle rainbow gods have a mountain Renaissance from a couple years ago and now our new rise seven mountain handbook like I said it’s it’s the most amazing of them all as far as being able to run run with it and and for clarity’s clarity sake but is this dominionism well one of the things in the last two books both the seven mountain renaissance and in the rise book that we just released again july 4 I think was our release we make it very clear this is about influence not Dominion and the disservice that is done by not explaining that I suppose has caused headaches and you know I did have conversation before he passed on with see Peter Wagner and he has a book called Dominion and I know he fully agrees and and I just told him a problem you know first of all those who attack the the Dominion concept forget that that didn’t just come out of somebody’s it wasn’t a revelation it wasn’t an angel told somebody it’s Genesis 1:26 twenty-eight God made man in His image and said have dominion and so there’s a reason to use that word it is it is biblical but when we don’t use it appropriately and we begin to Dominion grows into something was never meant to be and no time says have dominion over people it’s over every creeping thing and application for us is yeah we have dominion over darkness and we won’t like to triumph over darkness and we want we want we want to see you know manifestations of goodness and of integrity in every area of society and that’s what that is about it never is about imposition over people it’s not Christians ruling over over healing or unchristian –zz it is the kingdom coming the king and his way of doing things and and and so just this is the simple answer we go in and much deeper in in those books but the seven mountain message is not one of dominionism it’s coming the way Jesus did Jesus did not come flinging lightning bolts and say repent I’m here and I’m gonna impose my way and I’m gonna rally my people we’re gonna make you the kingdom of God cannot be advanced by imposition over people it comes as again it’s the the model of Jesus we know it’s not even that we have to think about what’s pragmatic or ideal there’s how did Jesus manifest a kingdom through influence through service through love that’s how it’s done so that is item number one now does the seven mountain message diminish the church and again my answer I put the answers in the facebook my facebook post and I said the first three are no the answer is no no this is not dominionism no does not diminish the church now if the church means does it diminish a Sunday meeting and a building I suppose it’s arguable it doesn’t even have to diminish that if that meeting somehow does serve what our assignment is to do when in scripture talks about the equipping of the Saints the fifl ministry is for the equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry the work of the ministry is not just meant to be you know other meetings on the mountain of religion the work of the ministry I fully believe is our assignment and every err society to be salt and light jesus said wherever you don’t salt it’s going to rot when it rots it’s going to trample you because salt was a preservative it wasn’t just something make food taste better so we understand wherever we don’t take them it’s going to rot and when it rots he’ll trample us and when we’re trampled it does not mean Jesus about to return and this was his first message so we’re just going going back to that and does it again diminish can a pastor I asked this question and think he’s no longer the superhero he was when we understand that we’re all called to be ministers because the seven mountain message says that the 97% that will never have a traditional ministry assignment which is what the studies show only 3% of a congregation will ever have them a maximum of 3% will ever have a traditional ministry role or assignment but to be pastor youth pastor worship leader of missionary evangelists whatever we’re saying the 97% are not just called to support with tithe and offering the 3% and to pray for the 3% you have a ministry you have a full-time ministry as well and it’s as you show up in the nine-to-five world the kingdom of God was designed to show up not just in our free time not just nights and weekends that’s more what you know revival thinking is about Reformation goes into the kingdom of God showing up into every area of society but specifically in a nine-to-five world the kingdom of God was made for the nine-to-five world not just to make converts of people but to bring and reveal the systems of heaven on earth the seven mountains are realities of heaven and I think that’s been being argued as well but you just have to think common sense is there government in heaven there are scriptures to add to the common sense yes there is does he continue to teach us in heaven yes there is there’s evidence of that as well is there a family in heaven it’s called the family the household of heaven in another place is their creativity and have we know there is is a provision in heaven we know there’s provision in heaven mansions get made out of something everything that’s expanding is made made made out of something and and so let’s see what other areas anyway all seven areas we cover that extensive clean our books these are realizations of heaven these are seven ways he showcases his love in heaven and he wants some show cased on earth and he’s gonna do it with us and so this really rather than diminishing the church fully better explains the church Jesus the word he used I will build my ekklesia was a non-religious world he did not word into his day never been used religiously he did not say I will build my temple I will build my synagogue so his is is there some adjustment and our thought on what all that means yes I still teach and preach at the seven that you know the mountain of religion where the churches which is one way of looking at it is the most important because that is where we’re all to come together the volcano forms we are to be properly taught this expanded understanding of the church and the kingdom the church in every area of society that Glacia of that day was a council that was called out to public places to deliberate over actual matters that needed to be deliberated over in society so as a societal influence and so he says I will build my church those who call out yet we meet together we get equipped and trained and we come out volcanoes caring is we come out of the volcanic lab I will say the the fire rocks of his presence we will carry that and I’m just now looking at the live chat stuff and seeing some names yes all right Monica Mitchell hello Pattie Mallette let’s do it yes Patti so good to hear from you and and others as well she was in Brazil the same time we just learned some other names there and but I’m distracted so I got to get back on on on on topic here and I’m not used to doing both but I’ll learn how to do this as well and saludos done me and lo que esta hablando espanol so yeah I speak I speak some I’m Spanish so the church is is is actually as allowed through the seven mountains can go into fulfillment and we can fulfill our role beyond just having the good meetings in church we want to have it and it’s important we come together and it’s important that we be trained equipped put on fire for the expanded Kingdom so that’s why I say the church does not get diminished by the seven mountain message it really gets advanced to flourish as never before and you activate you finally activate the 97% who often feel like second-class citizens everywhere I go I ask pastors what’s the biggest challenge you face identity identity they don’t know who they are and so they do all kinds of special conference the fathers are and you repeat these statements I am royalty I’m this and that the other but if you don’t validate assignments as being of preeminent important it’s it’s funny how that orphans spirit a second-class citizen thing doesn’t leave so this finally allows a hundred percent to step into that question number three does the seven mountainous prayer and the the simple answer gayness no or the prayer movement and though I say no there’s an aspect of is there need to be some recalibration and what we thought could be accomplished by prayer you know I think perhaps I’ve had some discussion with leaders of the prayer movement and as like to the degree you thought the prayer movement by itself was gonna bring in the full Kingdom and that all we need to do is get more people praying then yeah it does diminish that the children of Israel this goes back to the parallel the children of Israel going to their promised land they were not told hey send prayer missiles from the wilderness into Jericho into the next cities and nations and you will take them through prayer missiles that was everywhere the soul of your feet touch that is what I’ve given you and so that becomes our understanding as well we if you want to see government changed you have to have people serving 9:00 to 5:00 in government prayer cover is it valuable immensely again there’s the the story of Moses in the Old Testament and we understand when he was on the Mount there I remember the sons of her would hold his hands up and the children of Israel would win the battle Joshua is on the battlefield and they are winning and if his hands are down and means they started to lose so that yeah that tells us hey the prayer power is is immensely important but here’s the other thing think about this if Joshua is not strategically battling in the valley then Moses is just doing exercise so where the Lord wants to do what he wants to do he wants to begin to connect the prayer the prayer movement a lot of that’s happened a lot of that has been the shift the proper shift has been made so that prayer and the action that the army in the prayer army are serving together and then we’re trying to get these numbers balanced out a little more you know in in those days it was Moses and two others helping him while the whole army is fighting we kind of have the reverse of that we prefer to have we will have hundreds of thousands of people pray for everyone that will be active in the mountains and we’re trying to get that reversed I say reversed once you truly start going up the mountains your prayer life you will automatically increase your prayer life so it’s just the idea we can’t sub out our prayer lives to certain intercessors and then there’s not like the intercessors and the people that are the doers they’re really it’s supposed to be we do on both in some capacity but there is those who can specialize more and at different seasons in one’s life that can happen more so in no way does it diminish prayer again the people as I interact and I interact with people in government I government higher government I interact with more I need my prayer life in order more I need increased prayer and you can feel the pressure in the spirit from being in those places and so it will not diminish prayer and also begin answering the question does this have a mount message diminished prayer how are the prayer movement know if you properly understand it you properly coordinated controversy number four is do I really think the nation a nation can be our nations can be transformed before Jesus comes and and I just see Nigel seven mountains is catching fire in South Africa come on yes and Nigel and Debbie in Cape Town oh yeah y’all are wonderful people so I like I like to slide check coming in I might get addicted to this and do this more often so back to my question nations transform can nations be transformed before Jesus returns I obviously do believe that that was my answer in my post yes they can I believe it tells us that essentially in Isaiah 60 it says rise shine the verse three versus your light has come the glory Lord is risen on you behold the darkness a gross darkness doesn’t say but he will come and do all the rescue but the Lord will arise on you his glory will be seen on you and then it goes on to say especially penny if you get the right version of the Bible and nations will walk to the light of the sons of God that’s what it means to me to have a nation transformed now there’s a whole nother argument you believe that’s full transformation where there’s no healing or it’s just like heaven no it’s not gonna be just like Evan something that qualifies as transformed where it’s our identity a nation’s identity is more about the glory of God that’s on that nation then on then on anything else and so I I believe yes that nations can be transformed before Jesus comes and that acts 3:21 Jesus is held in the heavens until the restoration of all things spoken of by his servants the prophets and his prophet Isaiah said nations will walk to the light of the sons of God so I do not believe he’s coming back until there’s at least some nations operating as we can say calling me either nations transform nations are operating to the light of the sons of God and and you can look at that in any way you want and then finally question number five controversy number five can the kingdom fully come before Jesus returns now for some reason that’s become some controversies in introduced into the seven mountain thinking and I you know number one speculation that thing’s way down the road when we have and and then trying to discredit a seven mountains for something that’s so far down the road that we’re all speculating a little bit we can be very confident about our speculation but again no matter on that there’s almost a part of me won’t say even if we disagree on that can we not agree enough that we need to be salt light in every area of society the kingdom of God was not just designed to show up in the four walls of the church and that he has solutions and presence for every area of society and that he wants 100% of us activated that you know as John Wimber used to say everyone can play everyone can play and is supposed to plays not you go it’s not play is war and we’re supposed to have I think he you know the kingdom of God is righteousness peace and joy doesn’t say they came of God’s righteousness peace and oil and and so it is war but most the biggest part of the war is how to keep joyful I think in the process stay hopeful joyful in and what we’re doing excuse me Mahajan alright milada high five from Switzerland great great hearing from you as well so can the kingdom of God fully come before Jesus comes and then my answer is in my facebook post I said yes and no okay what’s the no the no is obviously until the King comes in person there is some element of the kingdom that has not fully come so that’s that’s the note part the yes part the reason I say that is it’s clear in every way that Jesus communicated to us and in the word that he doesn’t want any restriction on all will contend for and believe for that’s why I don’t like anything as a no once the Millennium once no you’re anything that puts us where we can’t contend for something because something has to happen first I think is just anti what the Lord wants to inspire in us when he says arise shine nations will walk to light of sons of God he doesn’t say how many some a percentage I think there is I think because we’re made in His image he’s trying to feed that part of his image that’s in us is like what will they go for what will they dare to believe for how far how far they willing to contend for and I have no you know you can only imagine that how that would put brakes on you’re contending for a nation or contending for the kingdom of God when you say well we’re not going to contend for that type of healing in physical bodies we’re not going to contend for a nation to be changed in that kind of way because Jesus hasn’t returned anything that puts brakes on on you I just it’s not good for you it would also violate an essential of what Jesus teaches because he encourages with things like to him who believes nothing is impossible to him will believe all things are possible I think we have to include into nothing is impossible and all things are possible the the the thought that there is no limit to the amount of the kingdom of God that we can show showcase here on earth other than the king himself and whatever next dimension of glory that bring again we’re talking serve over our head so beyond so many years away from us that for this to be a separating controversy is we can’t let the enemy use it that way but I will just tell you that the God I know I didn’t quote that part yet what aw Tozer says what you think about God is the most important thing about you and if you have a god that is like no dummy take it he’s just be calm and you’re not gonna get very much done just do some things and you know uh when when I’m good and ready I’ll show up in we to believe in a God who wants our faith and our hope and our joy turned down in anyway is a distortion of our way of Lee of seeing him I believe will greatly affect what we’re really willing to contend for so we want to contend for full Kingdom and say okay yeah obviously there’s some dimension final dimension he brings but by saying we’re gonna contend for full Kingdom we’re like we want to see cities change we want to see nations change we want to see bodies change yes we want to see limbs grow eyes be replaced and definitely you know there’s the the physical body transformation and changes we want to see limbs grow that’s part of it I used to think that was full Kingdom and then the Lord said that’s just starter faith what I want you to see what I can do in a human body and then you apply that to cities and nations because I can do the same kind of miracle and give you a word of knowledge for an individual but I can give you a word of knowledge of pain and in the economy of a city or region and that and through that I can change the city region or nation and that’s part of a documentary we’re doing on the side how the nation approved went from 90% extreme poverty in the year 2000 to 2.5% extreme poverty as of last year and how the Lord used s catalytically so you believe in a big God then you go for things it doesn’t mean the whole nation of Peru is the Garden of Eden now there’s many more things to go after but you cannot you still cannot take away that it’s you know an amazing way where it’s called the proven miracle not by churches but by institutions like the United Nations the nation has gone from 90% extreme poverty rate it was the same as Haiti in the year 2000 and it was like which is the most miserable poor country and I think Haiti’s still 90 percent improve went to 2 and 1/2 percent but it’s connected to people who believe in a big God and that nothing is impossible that we don’t go well you know the Kings not here so let’s just you know let’s just let’s just you know set low the low bar for how the kingdom of God is supposed to show up that’s why I say okay in the kingdom of God fully come before Jesus shows that before the King shows up I put a yes and a no because there’s an obvious part okay there’s got to be some extra something when the King shows up but I I cannot believe that our King our Father or the King King Jesus our brother Jesus holy there is no way they’re telling us you know just your perspective your expectations keep them low because you know I mean I’m not there yet and so it’s just y’all are kind of pitiful no I think he gets great glory when his sons and daughters arise and shine with who he is and who he desires to be in every area of society I think that’s what he’s he’s held in the heavens for that you know he’s not just like okay at this date I’m gonna come he’s like and he probably knows obviously what says the father is on the nose even that so we’re we’re not in any way saying we know when these Jesus is coming when these things are happening because the father said he ain’t told the son that but we know the process is he has held he has retained that word held he has retained in the heavens until the sons and daughters of the king arise and they recognized this God of all life this God that’s to be showcased and you know as we say the seven faces of God God his communicator in media goddess Papa and family God has provider in the economy God has Redeemer the mountain of religion God has teacher in the mountain of Education and God as king in the mountain of government okay which one did I forget we’ll go with God is communicator in media God as Papa and family God is creator the creative one arts entertainment God is provider in the economy God as Redeemer mountain religion God is source of Revelation mountain of Education God is king seven faces of God that shine in heaven we’re gonna feel love we’re gonna tell each other oh wow he loves us so much we’re not gonna say because he died on the cross well that’s our access and that’s there’s never a bigger and better sacrifice but we’re gonna feel loved in heaven not just because he died on the cross we’re gonna feel loved in heaven by these seven realities of how he continues to run heaven Howie Howie how he runs his government how he runs his creative system his media has edges communications all these system you say there’s median heaven it’s communication there’s a communication system there why there’s no tears in heaven no horrible news allowed they only tell testimonies about Jesus has touched people there are only testimonies how many got saved are told every day in heaven there’s parties are angels rejoice there there’s nothing well you know in the interest of fair reporting we need to tell that there’s this many thousand went to hell it doesn’t happen it’s there’s a system a communication system and all those systems of heaven are designed to be on earth as it is in heaven so that’s why we know these seven mountains are aspects of who he is in heaven that are designed to be showcased here on earth so I think with that I covered those those controversies if they are controversies and again we’d so recommend our latest book I should have brought it looks amazing we have color coded for thumbnail color coded the rise book and it’s a seven mountain Reformers guide to the seven mountain let’s say that’s not exactly something like that and have done very little advertising for it there’s you can write in there and it really is it is something to help you in an amazing way I believe and and for those we know it’s heavier reading seven mountain Renaissance vision and strategy through 2050 is the previous book that that is the most serious work it goes in-depth and even with prophetic timetables of you know I saw this by 2020 one of the key things is by 2030 we will march to the beat of the media army of the kingdom media army that’s where we will be will understand the value of the mountain of media not just thinking of it through movies and scripts and and their arts entertainment portion of it but the we are suffering tremendously in this nation around the world because we abandoned the mountain of media and so now there is a a distrust of news because it’s been proven that a whole lot of it is is fake news distorted news propaganda and and but we don’t have Kingdom nobody had the foresight to develop say the equivalent of a kingdom box or key Kingdom CNN because you know Jesus was going to return any second any moment any day so we didn’t have time to do these things and for for you know carrying that sort of mentality in times itis that I cover also in our book rise there’s a whole the end portion there’s an appendix that goes into essentially every generation since Paul being affected by n times itis and how that kept them from advancing the kingdom that’s the point I want to make again there is no way the Lord wants us to have diminished lesser faith or expectation for how his kingdom how his greatness can be showcased and manifested on the earth he’s a God of he’s still Emmanuel he’s not just you know Emmanuel means God with us he’s not just God gonna be with us we’ve presented him and championed him as the future Santa Claus in the heaven he’s wants to shower us with so many good things but you know Devils just messing him up here and and then at some point he’s gonna get tired of seeing us get beat up and he’s gonna rescue us that’s not the right narrative that’s not the one we buy into that’s what the seven mountain message the Reformation message tries to for lack of a better term correct update and and and bring him more inspirational narrative not for the sake of inspiration but for the sake of understanding that this is who our God is he’s a majestic God he’s got a majestic plan he’s got a majestic call and he’s looking for his sons and daughters to shine with who he is in every area of society that’s the simplicity of the seven mounts and we shine by carrying solutions presence love servant hardness yeah it’s not a you know it’s not an imposition of thing back to that it’s not yeah we got to take over from these heathens these evil people and we’re gonna rule and reign most of us are not ready to rule and reign we just have to prepare in our minds to do so and your faithful little he gives he gives you more and so it’s it’s best to just think through through that you know one last aspect of it that is also broad as some have asked I should have put that as a number six controversy is the same amount message elitist because we talk about the tops of the mountains and again the answer to that is no we need people yes at the tops of the mountains the places of influence we need people in government we need people at top of mountains of media etc etc but that’s not the only place we need people up and down the whole mountain for a government say yeah we need people who understand their calling mission who are the politicians themselves but we need you the the advisers of the politicians the intercessors of the politicians the financed series of the politicians the chauffeurs of the politicians the cooks of the politicians intercessors at every level people involved at every level city council mayor police guards in prison you know we need every area of the mountain covered every one of the mountains we need it and wherever god opens up a place for you that’s where you’re called to then if he promotes you to a different place fine but you don’t want to be going for something that he’s not he’s not opened up favor for you and so perhaps covered a sixth area of controversy it’s not elitist we go as servants we go as influencers with the presence power of the king and that’s what we have to take and we want to be in every area up and down on these mountains so all right let’s see if I’m seeing anybody else’s name here okay there’s there’s it’s good to hear from everybody well since I already did 34 minutes and I won’t want it to look too long for people trying to view this later assume more of the viewing will be later but look thank you Lord for what you’re doing around the world thank you Lord this message is getting identified it it’s waking up your sons and daughters Lord and we saw thousands in Brazil receive signs and wonders and their physical body which would confirm the mountain that they would go to and that you’re continuing to do that in other places as we go as well even in the states that happened as well and so we thank you Lord for releasing hope joy faith love and an expectation of great things from God in the midst of the enemy overreacting like crazy in the midst of recognized the enemy that’s out there is bigger it’s like Caleb when he went through you know the ten spies said the enemies are greater and mightier than us and and he’s yeah but our God is mightier than the enemy and that’s still the truth right now to the degree you’ve been studying the darkness in the mountains and what the enemy is doing like well that’s scary but it’s only scary when it’s compared to who our size are not when we compare it to the size of who our God is so be encouraged and we look forward to talking you real soon again