Prophetic Art, Prophetic Worship – Redding, California

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(Featured Image: “The Resurgence of Joy” – Redding Prophetic – 2018)

Particularly in Redding, California and Shasta County the expression of Holy Spirit Prophetic Artistic Outpouring

…among the prophetic sojourners and creative worship intercessors at Bethel and throughout the North State Body of Christ. Expressions of worship and colorful representations of the move of God in the hearts and lives of individuals. God is moving and the dark poverty flats assessment of Redding is transforming, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, into a hotspot for the healing light of Jesus in Northern California.

Read this amazing article on “Prophetic Art and the Realms of God” by Nathan Shaw.

As the Holy Spirit moves, joy, regeneration, healing, encouragement. God is always moving and working. Praise the name of Jesus, high and lifted up, in all these matter. New purpose. New hope. New opportunity. He opens the doors of healing restoration.

And that is what it is. God says, “I give you permission to create.” The work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Regeneration through the Holy Spirit. The colorful life of the regenerated heart. Moving forward, laying out each step and God engineers circumstances. Years of darkness become years of new beginnings and new hope.

The Colorful Expression of Prophetic Art and Worship

Prophetic Conceptual Art and Conversation Pieces by Stephen (ReddingProphet1)

Photos copyright ReddingProphetic

We are also working on a Redding Prophetic Knife series.

Check back on details – still in production July 2019. For example the “Circumcision Prophetic Knife will deal with entering the promised land as in Joshua 5. What is the first stop? Gilgal. Circumcision. “Rolling back the disgrace of Egypt”. Fast forward to the New Covenant. 1 Corinthians 7:19 “Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing; but obeying the commandments of God is everything.” As we move forward each Knife represents a component of the spiritual walk. Beautifully hand painted and detailed along with a unique paracord wrap.

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We continue to invest time into producing beautiful and original works.
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