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Qanon & Jeffrey Epstein Update – Aug 10, 2019

Good afternoon Patriots this is praying medic it is Saturday August 10th and this is my latest q and on update and I’m going to bring you up to date on a bunch of other things some related to Q some are not related to Q gonna talk about Jeffrey Epstein this morning and what is going on with 8chan and is Q ever gonna return getting a lot of questions from people I’ve been doing a lot of research doing a lot of digging doing a lot of threads on Twitter trying to explain and kind of walk people through some of the stuff that’s going on right now wanted to go back a little bit and cover something I have not covered yet on youtube or on the podcast and that is this this reported memo that came out by the FBI supposedly from the Phoenix field office claiming that the FBI has categorized conspiracy theorists as a new category of domestic terrorism I did a ton of research on this subject a lot of digging this story was originally published by Yahoo News it then went out to ABC NBC CBS Wall Street Journal New York Times everybody published a story based on the story that was published by Yahoo Jenna winter is the writer of the article she also credited and Michael Isikoff for coming up with the lead on the story misuk off of course was one of the first people who put out the steel dossier anyway I wanted to just bring people up to speed on what I found about that I contacted Jenna winter and I was concerned about this bulletin from the FBI supposedly from the FBI because they linked it to a Scribd account of a private individual they did not link to a an FBI vault site or any government site they had this document they said it was from the FBI they provided no evidence to suggest it was an actual true FBI document and you know we we know that the mainstream media has been doing everything they can to try to discredit Q&Q followers so that was a little bit suspicious of the story contacted Jenna winter through Twitter asked her she would give me a link to a government website or any evidence to corroborate her claim that this is a legitimate FBI document and she never responded to me that was probably ten days ago so I did this thread I tagged Jenna winter I tagged Isikoff none of them have responded to this they haven’t messaged me they haven’t responded on the thread and they haven’t written any articles responding to my conclusions which I’ll share with you in just a few minutes so just wanted there’s a long thread I’m not going to go through everything in here it there’s a lot of videos in here videos of people from the FBI Department of Justice and Homeland Security talking about how they identify and how they classify domestic terror threats so the the relevant things are like I said I did a lot of research Jordan say there kind of did a threat on this that it was actually what got me going he looked at the document and saw some things that were a little bit sketchy I also looked at it and saw some things that were sketchy this is the Scribd account where the document was posted so and one thing I would point out is that when organizations like the American Center for Law and Justice and Judicial Watch they do investigative reporting when they provide intelligence products or declassified government documents they always provide details on FOIA requests or any other means that they use to obtain non-public documents it’s one of the things that concerns me about this document is there isn’t and was no corroboration other than hey this thing is hosted on somebody’s private Scribd account so I went to the FOIA website and when you are going to make a FOIA request the government asks you to do a search of its database for previously released documents through FOIA so I did a search and I used the first seven words in the title of this intelligence bulletin anti-government title of it is anti-government identity-based and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists to commit criminal sometimes violent activity I took the first seven words and I used those in the FOIA search and I came up with nothing there was no result on the FOIA search I tried some other search terms things that were in the document I came up with nothing didn’t find anything I’ve also sent a FOIA request and I have gotten nothing back yet on the FOIA request and that was on August 2nd as when I sent out the FOIA request all right so you know you would think that an FBI intelligence bulletin if it had been obtained through FOIA would probably show up in the database but it didn’t but that doesn’t mean it was not obtained through FOIA it just means that I was not able to find it I contacted the Phoenix FBI field office and they referred me to their national press office in DC or actually I guess it’s in probably lying Li anyway now this is a letter the email that was I was sent from Kelsey Pietra non-theatrical Tenten how’re you say his name who was from the FBI he said that they didn’t they can neither confirm nor deny the legitimacy of that bulletin but he did send me links to four different things three of these links are two video testimony the first one is direct FBI director Chris Ray’s Senate Judiciary Oversight testimony on July 3rd 23rd so it was not that long ago and I found that to be very interesting there is also a counterterrorism division House Oversight meeting with Mike McGarrity he attended he is division assistant director of counterterrorism and then there was a third video McGarrity and a guy from DOJ he was national security to division Deputy Attorney General will get his name in a minute and then another guy from Homeland Security they all testified at this Homeland Security hearing then there was a fourth link that he sent me which was to a an official FBI website statement on the rise of domestic terrorism and how they categorize and classify domestic and foreign terrorism so the FBI few national press office again they said they do sometimes put out bulletins and notices for their law enforcement partners but they could not confirm or deny the authenticity of this bulletin so I did some I did some digging and the first video it was just kind of general interest Chris Rea well I was talking about the way that the FBI has changed since he came in as the director of the FBI in the second video that I posted ray responded to a question by dick Durbin who was expressing his concern about white supremacist violence and you know I can probably get the one turned up here might be helpful to listen to this you talked about homegrown violent extremists and I talked about domestic violent extremists are we talking about the same thing no so we used the term homegrown violent extremism to refer to people already here in the United States who are inspired by different parts of the global jihadist movement to commit terrorist acts okay domestic terrorism to refer to a broader array of threats ranging from anarchist extremism two different kinds of racially motivated by extreme ism two different kinds of environmental my extreme assuming all right so in that discussion Chris ray described three of the four categories that the FBI now uses to categorize domestic violent extremism they only have four they categorize all racially motivated violent extremism together whether it’s and in this threaded I go into a and legitimate FBI bulletin that came out that identified black identity violence extremism this is a couple of years ago based on four shootings of law enforcement officers whether it’s white supremacists whether whatever anti-semitic it doesn’t matter if it’s racially motivated all of those are looked into one category racially motivated violent extremism the second category they use is they have an abortion violent extremism believe it or not they have an environmental violent extremism and they have a anti-government and violent extremism and those are the only four categories that the FBI has to categorize domestic violent extremism they do not and through all these videos that I I posted they do not identify what this one bulletin claims which is anti-government identity based French political conspiracy extremism they have an anti government I think it’s an anarchist violent extremism but they do not identify a anti-government identity based French political conspiracy theory extremism not officially not on their website and I’ll show you that in just a second so I went through a lot of these videos and ray talks about in this this is a good example of something that Ray said here new philosophy by the FBI on elected officials and white supremacy belief I think it would be a version of that certainly we are focus when you asked about the categorization our focus is on the violence we don’t leave the FBI don’t investigate ideology no matter how repugnant we investigate violence and and I heard this repeatedly over and over and over again from Chris ray and from the people from the department of justice and homeland security they all said the same thing they do not investigate violence I’m sorry they don’t investigate ideology DOJ guy said they don’t prosecute ideology they prosecute violence and they are the FBI and Department of Justice really aren’t into identifying specific types of ideologies this is again talking about black identity extremism Cory Booker had some questions for Chris ray ray informed him look we don’t use black identity extremism anymore we categorize all of that into racially motivated violent extremism so this was a document that I found the FBI vault website I said it was a it was a Bolton that they put out two years ago 2017 based on four shootings on law enforcement that was they felt was motivated by black identity extremists right so the interesting thing about this document is it bears a lot of similarity to the document that Yahoo has reported on in fact it has some markings on it that are really difficult to explain where they would have come from so let’s see if I can get to DOJ and this is a fellow by the name of Wegman who was being asked about how does the DOJ prosecute violent crimes and how do they protect civil liberties and he talked about yeah there’s a the DOJ is up against a lot of restrictions because they have to guarantee the First Amendment right of people to speak to assemble and to have their own ideologies and DOJ does not interfere on that so that was a question that came out this gentleman representative McCall asked a good question former prosecutors said there are no criminal domestic terrorism charges currently that the DOJ can apply to a terrorist act and actually there’s a lot of discussion now in light of these shootings last weekend where people want to create domestic terrorism legislation the DOJ guy explained I think very interesting this hearing I’m just curious what your thoughts would be on Congress enacting a domestic terrorism charge and doing that take that so we we’re always looking to improve our authorities I think about exactly what issue you’re trying to fix as I’ve talked about in my opening testimony we do have a number of statutes that we use in these domestic terrorism cases so the question is what what gap would it fill exactly we probably would not want the one thing I would say something that’s similar to what we have on the international side which is designating foreign terrorist organizations we’re not gonna want to for good policy reasons I think the Committee on both sides of the aisle will share more designating domestic groups as domestic terrorist organizations and picking out a particular group that you say you disagree with their views and so forth there’s gonna be highly problematic in a way that’s not when you’re designated al Qaeda or Isis or an international terrorist organization so so Brad what Wegman here pointed out that the difficulty with creating national domestic terrorism laws is that you have to identify certain groups certain ideologies that would be singled out identified as terrorist groups and then they would be prosecuted well no one is going to want their pet organization to be identified as a domestic terror organization which is why an Tifa has not been classified as a domestic terror organization because there aren’t any domestic terrorism laws in the same way that there are foreign terrorism laws the government can designate al-qaeda or Isis or other organizations as foreign domestic or sorry foreign terrorist organizations they can then apply economic sanctions they can prosecute them they use certain tools in the Justice Department that are not available for domestic terrorism because they they categorize them differently and they have different tools available all right so there’s a lot of interesting discussion I was gonna see if I can find something that on this thread no I’m gonna go to the next threat they broke my thread in half all right so continuing along with this bulletin I did a deep dive into the FBI intelligence bulletin and I’m not going to state conclusively what I think about this FBI bulletin that they published however I will say this it’s very strange first of all there’s a fact that the bulletin was not hosted on a government website it was hosted on someone’s private Scribd account the other thing is that let’s see well look at this in declassified documents and this is an example if you look at this and this is a document that Q linked to this the classified NSA document what I notice and you can’t see that picture I guess I’ve got it but wherever there is a for your eyes only or a restriction to the public they strike those up they do they put strike throughs on them and you know maybe I can bring this down so you can see it you can see it they’re like secret related to USA five eyes right strike through for your eyes only strike through anywhere in a document where there are restrictions if it is a legitimate government document they usually do strike through whatever classifying indicators are on the document that is a good way to know that you’re looking at a legitimate government document the document that was provided by Yahoo has no strike throughs on it now this is a it was an FBI intelligence assessment was published in 2017 I’m black at net extremist you’ll notice it was four lon it was law enforcement sensitive because it was published for their law enforcement partners but all of the notices of restriction for your for official use only law enforcement sensitive strike throughs on everything on every page in this document wherever there’s a restriction there’s a straight-through so that someone looking at it knows this has been released for public information all right again here’s another page and that same document you can see strike through law enforcement sensitive for your official use only always straight through the let’s see go down here all right some of the things that I just found I found very interesting and I’m not going to belabor this point too much on the FBI bulletin about black identity extremism I found something interesting at the bottom of the document there is a there was a customer service satisfaction survey right and this is it and what I’ve noticed is that the box is to check the make your selection overlap the words by one or two letters this is integrate this is incorporate and you can see the other words below the second line down on the left is share contents that’s below that is share with my organization below that is improve a situational awareness and there’s a letter or two that are obscured by the selection boxes on all of these selections right you can see on both columns there’s they’re obscured partially obscured why is it relevant well here’s another thing I noticed if you take this is again from the black identity extremism bulletin you take a vertical line and strike it all the way through the document and put it through the center of the number one the number two and number three sections on the customer satisfaction survey you find out that number four five and six are not on this plumb line there to the left of the plumb line and they’re actually off the page the numbers are so this document when it was scanned I’m guessing got somewhat there was some scanner artifact that caused these numbers to be sectioned we moved over and caused these boxes to be to overlap these words okay again I’m just analyzing this and that it looks like when they scan this document there were some irregularities there’s no way this document would have been made with these boxes overlapping half of these words I mean it just doesn’t make any sense interesting also on this black identity extremism document at the bottom Rev dot 28 August 2013 product serial number is 17 that’s the year 0 0 0 530 a serial number is a unique identifier for a document so that you can look it up in the system alright if you look at the in the intelligence bulletin that provided by Yahoo one of the things I noticed said that where it says law enforcement sensitive for official use only none of those have strike throughs on them not any of them and that is problematic if this document has was originally designed for law enforcement to be to viewing it and they did not clear this for official public viewing that’s a problem and again it doesn’t prove anything that these are not don’t have strike throughs but it’s concerning because normally when an agency clears something for public dissemination they strike through all the restrictions so let’s see the I’m gonna get down to something that I think all right so this is the customer satisfaction survey on the bottom of the document that yahoo put up and strangely enough remember that overlap of the boxes where you check your selection overlapping the first couple of words on each line exactly the same and I mean exactly the same I integrate into what my own organization share contents share within my organization improve situational awareness that little check box is covering up the same exact letters in the same way on all these words right here I found that highly interesting let’s see also interesting is the title of this document that was provided by Yahoo the title actually runs completely off the edge of the page I don’t even know where it went it’s not that doesn’t continue down on the second line but if you look here anti-government identity based infringe political conspiracy theories very likely this runs off the edge of the page I found that interesting again like I said you can notice that the overlap of the boxes on the words is exactly the way it is on that black and white document from the black identity extremism and lo and behold if you strike a line through this document top to bottom here one two three right on the line for section four section 5 and section six all fall left of the line and are off the page almost exactly as they appear on the previous document huh what are the odds of that there it is all right lines up exactly this thing even though it’s color which is interesting and then there and by the way there is a color version of the black identity extremists document now floating around out there if you’re interested I did a lot of research on this like I said okay the black identity extremism document has a watermark intelligence assessment fy17 but identify the template that this document is made from the one posted by yahoo has FY 19 intelligence bulletin so built off of a different template interestingly enough Rev 28 August 2013 right which identifies that this is the black identity extremist it’s the same exact one on the bottom of the one from that Yahoo and the serial number from the black identity extremists document right there but the serial number on Yahoo’s document is redacted there’s only three places there’s redactions on this document and the serial number for the document is one of the things that’s redacted so I put all this together and I think you know this just doesn’t doesn’t look good to me I cannot conclusively prove that this document is a forgery but it has some problems I’m just gonna put this out of before I go if you go to the FBI news where they’ve got different documents on the FBI website this particular page describes how the FBI classifies domestic terrorism threats they have four categories and listen to all these videos over and over and over again FBI Department of Justice Homeland Security all use the same four categories all said they don’t investigate or prosecute ideology they identify racially-motivated violent extremism anti-government anti-authority extremism animal rights environmental extremism and abortion extremism those are the only four categories they have for domestic violent extremism they do not identify political conspiracy fringe political conspiracy extremism that is not one of their categories so the fact that this document creates a new category that the FBI has not officially identified is another red flag for me I just doesn’t pass the sniff test so anyway that is my dot deep dive on that FBI document that Yahoo put out there moving along a lot of people have been asking if Q’s absence and the removal of 8chan from the internet is the ten days of darkness that Q has referred to I do not think that is the case the reason I do not think that is a case is because the ten days of darkness obviously was Q predicting something that was about to happen and in the question and answer session from December of last year one of the anons asked you how do you know the future Hugh said ctrl Q is able to correctly predict some future events because Q and the president and their team they control the timing of things like military operations and the release of executive orders you can accurately predict the release of an executive order if you know the President and you know when he’s going to release it right so they have control over certain things which is how they can predict those events but Q does not generally predict things which they don’t have control of all right so I think a more likely interpretation of the ten days of darkness would be a period of time when Q was not going to post for 10 days and Q knew there was going to be a 10 day period when he would not post and he would have direct control over that and actually that period of 10 days happened between December 25th in January 4th there were 10 days there or there weren’t any posts on the tenth day Q came back in January 4th if you count the last post on the 25th 26 27 28 just count forward you get 10 days interesting on December 25th Q posted this post this was the last post before going silent 10 10 9 what follows 9 8 7 6 5 4 I think it was a countdown and I think Q was telling us the 10 day countdown was going to start on 25th and then ten days later Q came back on January 4th I think that was actually the 10 days of darkness and there may have been a second 10 days of darkness in December if you go back and look at the post from December you’ll find some very interesting things anyway not going to belabor that point I will say this moving over to the next one let’s just talk about this real quick so people have been wondering what the heck is happening to a Qian and what’s going on with with Q net posting so 8chan lost the support from several of the tech companies that were providing them support because of political pressure because of economic pressure 8chan lost the company that was hosting their their domain name they got it yanked CloudFlare was providing protection from DDoS attacks CloudFlare decided not to support them anymore they got another company and that company got a platform so there’s been this ongoing war trying to take out HN I think mostly because ki was supposed to UNH an if Q is posting on 4chan they’d be going after 4chan but they’re not are they there’s not a lot of screaming and hollering to get 4chan do platform – it’s all about taking down HN right now so Jim Watkins who is the owner of HN he made a public statement it’s available on YouTube I put it on my website at the end of my latest post talking about the ten days of darkness and it’s a good message as shorts like seven minutes I would advise listening to it Watkins has been asked to testify before Congress he is probably here in the states already don’t know when that testimony is going to be because Congress is in recess right now so we don’t know when Watkins is going to testify 8chan is working on getting the HN website back online I believe that when HN gets back online he will start posting again they’re working on it right now Ron code monkey is one of the guys is working on it they are working on a system I’ve been following code monkey if you want to keep up on what is going on you might want to follow Ron code monkey on Twitter he is code monkey Z at code monkey Z bit mitigate was one of the companies that got D platform they were going to provide the service at CrowdStrike was providing and they got D platform so ron has been doing updates to keep everyone abreast on what’s happening what progress they’re making he has not posted since August 7th he said we’re using our downtime to scale a chance servers networking and software to be stronger for when we come back online so 8th gen is going to come back online I believe Q will start posting in they need to figure out how to basically create a system that is not going to be subject to these attacks in the future one thing to notice is people have been saying that HN was set up on zero net and code monkey wanted everyone to know they did not set up that network on zero net and he has advised just gonna advise people to stay away from it until we figure out and till we get official word from 8chan or from code monkey I would not try to access a Chan on any platform that they’re working on it and like I said I think when they get this all worked out Q will be back so nothing to freak out about okay now let’s do this so Jeffrey Epstein was reported to be found dead this morning and people are kind of a little bit concerned what’s going on what happened is he really dead did they sneak him out suicide isn’t murder I’m not going to speculate a whole lot I will give you the information that I’ve got one thing I think that’s worth looking at is let’s see I wanted to Attorney General William bar has launched two investigations he is launching an investigation into the death of Epstein he has also asked the inspector general to look into Epstein’s death to find out what happened because he was supposed to be on suicide watch right so their investigations going also there’s a statement this morning from the Southern District of New York which is the they’re prosecuting the Epstein case their statement is basically that the investigation remains ongoing and they’re going to continue researching now the last thing I want to talk about is does what does it mean that Epstein is no longer available to testify well I would like to suggest that it doesn’t mean really anything at all to the case probably and the reason I say that is Q hasn’t really posted a whole lot about Jeffrey Epstein you has been posting a lot about Rachel Chandler Q began posting about ray Chandler back in April April 6th 2018 was the first post right so we get a picture of this gal with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell and Guthrie is her legal name last married name anyway Hugh starts posting about them April 6th why did Q focus on ray Chandler instead of Epstein well for the same reason he focused on Ellis and Mack and not Keith right here you won’t find a whole lot of references about Keith Rainier in Q spokes but you’re gonna find a lot about Allison Mac the day that aliceandmac was arrested April 20th Hugh said Mac is naming names big names Hollywood government local federal proof standard hotel helicopter crash all related future will proof past AAS Adam Schiff feeling okay today right so Q has been telling us that it’s not the big names that we need to focus on it’s the little people right it’s not it wasn’t Keith Rainier it was Allison Mac because Allison Mac gave prosecutors the information they needed to bring charges against all these people all right Allison Mac is a small-scale version of what ray Chandler is going to do Q said ray Chandler is Allison Mac times a hundred right ray Chandler is the linchpin to this whole thing not Epstein I mean it would be interesting to have I’ve seen testify but they don’t need Epstein’s testimony they had ray Chandler and Q suggested July 9th regarding BC RC Epstein plain pick right Bill Clinton ray Chandler Epstein plain pick Q had previously posted a picture with them and Q s did the FBI DOJ interview ray Chandler when did public awareness grow across social media class 1 through 99 what age is Rachel in the picture of the age of 18 15 who posted the picture ray Chandler queue here clearly suggested that the FBI and Department of Justice have already interviewed ray Chandler they have our testimony they’ve probably got all the data emails phone records pictures whatever forensic evidence they need I’m sure they have it all cue began to talk about ray Chandler because they needed public awareness to be increased Q’s job was to get on a chan and talk about what was going on with ray Chandler and Epstein and the temple and all the high-level powerful people that are gonna be taken down when this is eventually prosecuted so people are concerned that because Epstein is out of the way now the prosecution is done they’ve got no witnesses no they’ve got all the witnesses they need and that I believe they’ve already gotten all the information I need from ray Chandler I don’t know where ray Chandler is I have no idea but I have a reasonably confident FBI Department of Justice have all the information they need probably have her in a safe place and like I said Southern District of New York said the investigation is going to continue people are going to be prosecuted they just released all that information from the Epstein files was it yesterday or the day before people are plowing through all that information all the documents and the pictures and everything and Bill Richardson the former governor of New Mexico got fingered in those documents along with some other people so it’s all unwinding it’s all coming out Adam class field I’m following him on Twitter he has been following a lot of this courthouse stuff he got a message from someone who’s an attorney it’s an important note that after Epstein’s death no one else would have standing to challenge the search warrant on his house everything will be admissible against any other defendant without the possibility of a motion to suppress so maybe prosecutors will actually have an easier time getting that evidence at mitad into this case now that Epstein can’t his attorneys can object anything so I think everything is okay Q is continually reminded us nothing can stop what is coming and the good guys have all the information they need already that is going to do it for this update love you all take care keep cueing the team in prayer keep the president Burke keep Tennyson and prayer catch you on the next broadcast


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