Redding, Bethel – Power, Water, Fire Changing Culture in Northern California

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More on this theme of Redding as undefiled “Goodwater”.

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Bad PTSD. Bad moments of catatonic staring off into space. What they wanted was some sort of never ending content production for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram to try and get followers, reach, engagement. Feeding the social media engine. Too much content intake and output.

Clover Creek Pristine Slab – Redding Gem – Untouched

So I saved up enough cash for awhile, breathing room if you will, and gave my two week notice to exit. I am now free. I go out in the cool of the early summer mornings and walk around Redding’s largely hidden gem, Clover Creek Preserve on Shasta View and look at the ground and watch the geese and the sun rise over Lassen. The large cement slab on the trail, sitting as the cap for the flood water basin north of Goodwater Avenue, is undefiled with urban zone Hispanic gang graffiti we largely see in the more southern urban decay centers.

I got really burned out with this job I had in marketing. So I quit.

The Undefiled Slab Near Goodwater Avenue

I’m getting happier by the day. My diet consists of Winco organic oatmeal packets with flax seed, raw honey and blueberries. I work on ReddingProphet1 selfcare and reengage the muscles in my legs and inner and outer thighs and upper body strength conditioning. I like to listen to the wind and think about things. Process life.

For lunch I like to eat low-sodium wild Tuna and spinach. Walmart here in Shasta County, in the produce section, has pretty good packs of prewashed spinach.

Something died inside my head. Perhaps it is self.

I kind of went into this reptilian mode of not caring anymore. Alot of it was the job. When I finally recognized that I was putting a massive amount of resources, time, energy, gas and emotional energy into what devolved into pointless activity of trying to feed the social media engine I spent six months developing an avenue of escape, and exit strategy of providing some breathing room.

Cause the point with marketing is that no one actually cares about social media posts. People just want to see the stray dog being rescued.

What do people want? Opiods and Pot, Alcohol, Cell Phone cards, Free Stuff, Food and Housing vouchers, a place at the front of the line, backstage pass, and discount coupons.

I am happy to announce that I am getting my power back. Power as a theme as we shall see.

Redding is like this Trump-country “outlaw nation” Northern outpost bolted onto the rest of California. Providing easy routes to Hwy 101 and Eureka, the I-5 corridor to Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta, Yreka, Weed and beyond into Oregon; and East on Hwy 44 and 299 to Lassen and Alturas and into the vast expanse of Northern Nevada.

Bethel is here in Redding. In fact, uniquely qualified to be here as God moves and works in the local Redding community. Bethel, given it’s size, international flavor with BSSM and scope of reach could be anywhere – Santa Monica, Atlanta, Dallas, Orange County – but for such a time as this it is hitting at the core of North State desperation. Leading the way into Redding Gold.

Take for example the characters over at The disgruntled journalist R.V. Scheide. When a local entity such as Bethel ruffles feathers it gets noticed. See here is the thing about California in general. “Nobody is going to tell me what to do.” And when moral constraints based on the Bible are preached as in the case of Bethel’s ongoing “conversion therapy” firestorm with our local gay and LGBTQ population, people take offense.

That is good. Just like the recent Carr Fire burning down stuff.

It facilitated change. The community came together. Even then Bethel got targeted.

Through the terrible tragedy, Lawrence Carr’s 1939 District Attorney campaign running on the ticket of battling Prostitution and Gambling in Redding, so now his legacy of Water and Power through the Judge Francis C. Carr Powerhouse translates into Carr Fire dislodgement. People who are hanging around the backwoods growing pot and cooking Meth along with the comfort zone of settled neighborhoods and landowners. Forced change for Redding. Unfortunately sometimes it comes through fire burning up the dross, melting the Aluminum wheels on vehicles and turning them in to coffee table conversation pieces.

It’s these outpost areas like Redding and certainly the apocalyptic scorched earth in Paradise as the Camp Fire erupted quickly from, once again, a Power line. Also the February 50-year Shasta County Snow Apocalypse downed power lines and caused the lack thereof for several days.

Power, Water, Heat and Fire.

This theme of the revelatory interconnectedness of water, fire and power here in Redding and Chico (Butte County and Paradise) is symbolic of that changes now taking place. Bethel, as of this writing is running their Kingdom Culture conference. Power Centers of Influence.

The regular Dwellers on the Earth don’t really understand any of this. Alot of things are going on.

When I first came to Redding I lived in my car for 100 days and 100 nights – through the winter of 2016. It rained a lot. What made the difference is that 1. I had a friend here in Redding give me a safe place to park and sleep at night in his driveway. 2. I had a mission to get my storage unit in Chico and also connect with Bethel. More to the story on that.

I showed up in my car with $700 cash. There was something of a plan. The point is that if people want to work they can work and I chose to do so by pushing in shopping carts at Walmart. Witnessed first hand the late night parking lot homeless, drug and shoplifting activity.

What is the point? Letting go. Having a core mission and dislodgement.

Redding will change and is changing through the slow growth of Bethel’s entrepreneurial business initiatives, Shasta Venture Hub and Shasta Angel Investor business startups, through Jake Mangus’s great work at the Redding Chamber but also through, perhaps a greater degree, regional firestorms and massive dislodgement and forced migration from the comfortable status quo.