Redding, California Restoration

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The City of Redding Healing and Transformation in Northern California

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An important new word about the future and hope for our city.

“Redding in 2030” Jake Mangas – Redding Chamber of Commerce

UPDATE: April – 2019

Around the time I began to serve the Redding business community at the Redding Chamber of Commerce, I was asked by Rachel Hatch, Program Officer – Community Vitality of the McConnell Foundation, what I think the future may hold for Redding. I responded quickly that I am “bullish on Redding”.

Why Redding?

I think it is because my mind’s eye was fast-forwarding roughly 15 years ahead (at that time) to the year 2030. Good Lord willing, I will have made it to my 50th year in this corner of the world at that time. My youngest child will be getting ready for college, or technical training, or art school (if she is anything like her mom). It will be a major checkpoint in my life to pause and look around and see how we have done as a household and as a city.

I see MAJOR physical transformation ahead for Redding, CA.

We know about the $300 million in projects online in Downtown Redding at this time. They include a $170 million courthouse, a number of large-scale, mixed-use projects, and a number of smaller investments that are “popping up” as a result.

Across the city we know of many additional projects. From the commercial activity at nearly all corners of the South Bonnyview/Bechelli Lane – Interstate 5 interchange (think Costco, Save Mart Foods, Win River Resort & Casino), to the $100 million campus expansion of Bethel Church and School of Ministry, to Dignity Health’s $50 million Center for Health on the east side of the Sacramento River. Speaking of the waterfront, one of the more common questions I get about the future of Redding is “what is going to become of the waterfront along Park Marina Drive?”. It is my hope that by the time 2030 rolls around there will be a beautiful complement of open space and river access (Sacramento River Trail extension?) with development that exemplifies the best of our city and region and is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

With its relatively low cost of living, Redding is one of the last metro areas in California where the American Dream is still a realistic possibility.

That will be a welcome sight to retirees, equity refugees, and aspiring young professionals. I heard from a recent Redding transplant who now operates a business in Downtown Redding. He said that it would not have been financially possible to have afforded adequate commercial space in his previous city. Advantage: Redding!

One of the determinations I have made is that this physical transformation must lead to other forms of transformation in ourselves as citizens. In 2030, we should wake up all the more proud to live in such a beautiful place, anchored by a thriving business community, enjoyed by people that still smile and hold the door open for you when you enter a store or restaurant.

Imagine it’s 2030. What has kept you in Redding?

Jake Mangas
President & CEO 

Update April 2019

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Redding, California the hidden gem of California conservative values, Trump country, and the expansion of churches and ministries (Bethel, Little Country Church (LCC), Neighborhood Church, Faith Assembly, to name a few) bringing in international flavor and economic resurgence.

The demographics in Redding are totally fascinating compared to the rest of California, everything South of Sacramento, and except for Idaho, the population centers of the rest of the country.

Redding / Anderson
White – 85.8%
Black – 1.2%
Native American – 2.3%
Asian – 3.4%
Pacific Islander – 0.2%
2 or More Races – 4.6%
Hispanic/Latino – 8.7%

Shasta County
White – 86.7%
Black – 0.9%
Native American – 2.8%
Asian – 2.5%
Pacific Islander – 0.2%
2 or More Races – 4.4%
Hispanic – 8.4%

In fact, the drug, crime and homeless issues in FaceBook groups such as Redding Crime 2.0 and Take Back Redding / Shasta County – Stop Talking, Start Doing taking place in Redding are in themselves reflective of the vast divergence of demographic numbers. You can come to your own conclusions on what that means.

Current and ongoing news articles detailing the past, present and future of Shasta County provide a window into the restoration of Redding.

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Shasta County History

Redding is a very nice place to live. The city is largely free of territorial ethnic gang warfare. The housing market is growing. Centrally located on the I-5 corridor, Redding is the gateway to Shasta-Cascade beauty, Oregon, Lassen Volcanic National Park and to the Eastern expanses of Nevada and beyond.