Redding, California Restoration

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The City of Redding Healing and Transformation in Northern California ————————————— How Redding, California, became an unlikely epicenter of modern Christian culture – The School of Supernatural Ministry has taught more than 10,000 people ————————————— A Humble Burger Helped Fuel the Building of Shasta Dam and Shaped a Community in Redding #reddingcalifornia #shastadam #damburger #northerncalifornia Read More

Prophetic Art, Prophetic Worship – Redding, California

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(Featured Image: “The Resurgence of Joy” – Redding Prophetic – 2018) Particularly in Redding, California and Shasta County the expression of Holy Spirit Prophetic Artistic Outpouring …among the prophetic sojourners and creative worship intercessors at Bethel and throughout the North State Body of Christ. Expressions of worship and colorful representations of the move of God Read More


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Kingdom Culture Bethel Redding Notes from Salt and Light Conference Bill Johnson – Senior Leader of Bethel Church TAKE AWAY: Bill opened with the comment, “The Holy Spirit is in every believer but not resting on every believer”. This could certainly be open to scriptural interpretation. His point is getting at a “Presence based Culture”. Hosting the Read More