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Homosexuality, Abortion, Donald Trump, Johnny Enlow Prophetic Messages and Culture War Updates

Trump spiritual adviser says ‘demonic networks’ have aligned themselves against presidentPaula White Ministries


“Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus,” she said to a crowd of Trump’s supporters before his rally began Tuesday.
“I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy,” she added, according to video of her remarks.
“I secure his calling, I secure his purpose, I secure his family, and we secure victory in the name which is above every name … the name of Jesus Christ,” she said ending her prayer.


Facebook cryptocurrency launch: Why ‘Libra’ could be worth billions

The Atlantic – MH370 – What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing AirplaneFive years ago, the flight vanished into the Indian Ocean. Officials on land know more about why than they dare to say.


How Redding, California, became an unlikely epicenter of modern Christian culture
The School of Supernatural Ministry has taught more than 10,000 people




List of figures from left to right: Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Ben Carson, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, John Bolton, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly

WHITMORE, Calif. – Riverview Christian Academy

LGBTQ and California Conversion Therapy – Bethel Redding
Women Say A School For Troubled Teens Punished Girls For Being Gay
A faith-based school in Whitmore is being accused of punishing students for being gay
also view…more about Conversion Therapy


Another relevant word from Johnny Enlow – “Winston Trump?”


Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible Verses” Censored

Texas governor signs controversial ‘Save Chick-fil-A’ bill into law

David Platt addresses Trump prayer controversy at SBC pastor’s conference, stressing ‘meekness’

Homosexuality and the Groaning of Creation – Storm chaser proposes to boyfriend as Kansas tornado looms
“I was just so emotional just because it was my happiest place, being with him next to the storms,” Joey Krastel said of the engagement.

Democratic Gov of Louisiana Signs Heartbeat Abortion Bill into Law
The full text of the proclamation can be found here.

Gov. Newsom Welcomes Women Seeking An Abortion To Come To California

Disney’s Culture War
“Mr. Iger told Reuters this week that it would be “very difficult” for Disney to continue filming its movie and television content in Georgia if a new state abortion law takes effect. Disney of all companies should not want to be seen as an engine of the left’s cultural imperialism.”

The Briefing – 052 – Four Ruths


California Dems propose resolution linking Israeli government to massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue

Miracle Preemie Is Smallest Survivor Ever, Fueling Pro-Life Argument that ‘Science Is Pro-Life’

Former Head of Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

An Outdoor Haven in Northern California – Redding is the happening gateway for outdoor adventure in the Shasta Cascade region

Franklin Graham Asks Christians Nationwide to Pray for President Trump June 2

‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects

Sexual Sin and the Aphrodisiac of Power – Ralph Drollinger – Capitol Ministries


From Johnny Enlow – “War of Will Wins the Preakness”

War of Will, ridden by Tyler Gaffalione, crosses the finish line first to win the Preakness Stakes horse race at Pimlico Race Course, Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

In the second leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing, another significant prophetic message was played out before us. A horse named War of Will beat out the competition in a star depleted event. The top 4 finishing horses of the Kentucky Derby did not run and neither did the previously top-rated Omaha Beach and Maximum Security that we talked about after the Kentucky Derby. Of significant interest, War of Will was the specific horse that the race stewards of the Kentucky Derby deemed to have been specifically interfered with by Maximum Security’s run. In that race, War of Will was seriously challenging Maximum Security- but had to pull up when illegally cut off. They bumped and clipped heels in the race and it is actually a miracle there wasn’t a disastrous ripple effect of toppled horses and riders with casualties as a sure thing. The key prophetic numbers from this race are the date of the race 5/18, the horse and jockey number #1’s, and 144 from 144th Preakness.

War of Will

I heard a video clip of War of Will’s trainer encouraging him during the race with “Go Will!”. We already know we are in a season of War but the emphasis for this race is the Will aspect of it. I was specifically led to Ephesians 1:11 and went there because War of Will was horse #1 in both races- as was, of course, his jockey. Here is what it says:

“In whom also we have obtained an inheritance being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who works out all things after the counsel of His own WILL.”

Now this passage may place God on His throne of sovereignty a little more than some are comfortable with but I think this is where God wants us right now. The whole of Ephesians 1 is firmly about the sovereignty of His will. Verse 5 will speak of “the good pleasure of His will” and verse 9 will tell again of that as well as “the mystery of His Will”. Part of that mystery is just how He works out ALL things after the counsel of His Will while still giving us “free will”. I could go into a lengthy diatribe on how that plays out but suffice it to say He wants us being particularly aware of the sovereign power of HIS WILL at this time.

There is a great war of wills going on right now- but because of Jesus- His Will is going to win. He has determined an inheritance for His saints and His Will is breaking in right now to make it happen. For a point of emphasis the word WILL here is a Greek word “thelema” and it means “a determination, command, decree, choice, design” among other similar synonyms. The “enemy” was disqualified in the previous race for attempting to hinder Will -and now there is a clear victory. I love that War of Will was sired by War Front with the mare being Visions of Clarity. Clarity of vision will be progressively the reality as this year goes on.

1 Thes. 5:18 and 2 Cor. 5:18

The Preakness race was May 18 and I was drawn to look at these two scriptures. 1 Thes. 5:18 is particularly noteworthy as it has another reference to the WILL of God.

“In everything give thanks for this is the WILL of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

This is a remarkable verse that seems to be one of the hardest to embrace. Are we really supposed to give thanks for EVERYTHING? Well, as you see a key word there is IN as opposed to FOR. Because the sovereign will of God rules even through the bad choices humans make we are encouraged to give thanks IN EVERYTHING. Doing this secures our own hearts, as well as being pleasing to our God. Why does it please Him? Because it means we are living from a “Blessed is the man who puts His trust in the Lord” place. There are multiple battlefronts to the War of Will but this is a good place to yield to His Will. The anxiety level in the Body of Christ has been perhaps at unprecedented levels and this verse is giving us the key for remaining in peace. In everything give thanks- because this is His WILL.

2 Corinthians 5:18 is also very relevant and very powerful at this time and is also a verse that keeps God on the throne.

“And all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”

The word reconciliation has many related meanings including “reuniting, bringing back together again, making peace between” and “the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.” This has not been a recent favorite in the Body of Christ and may also be a significant contributing factor to our levels of stress and anxiety. We find ourselves preferring the “ministry of finger pointing” but somehow that wasn’t Biblically validated as a legitimate ministry. I do understand that we are in a day when evil cultural agendas are being exposed as never before but we can win some big battles- and lose the war, if we veer from the actual ministry He has given us. We have a higher call than just to be right.

There is a lot of growth to be made in the area of “the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.” For example, can we argue a pro-life perspective WHILE acknowledging that historically women’s rights have been undervalued (in voting, in employment, in owning property, etc. etc.)? Ministers of reconciliation will recognize that the enemy fuels the “pro-choice movement” with multi-generational gender wounds and that even if we win some legal rulings (which may just be temporary) it will only increase the societal polarization and acrimony apart from reconciling the greater gender wound. There is a reason women consistently vote more pro-choice than pro-life. The old wound clouds clear processing of the central life issue.

The 144th Preakness: Isaiah 14:4

The number 144 is loaded with meaning. In Revelation, we read of the 144,000 being sealed. It is also the sum of 12 times 12 -with 12 being the number of government. The Preakness race takes place very close to Washington DC- the world capital for government and politics. I have shared several times on President Trump having a Cyrus anointing/call to bring down “Babylon”/The Deep State. Here is Isaiah 14:4:

“You will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his fury has ended.”

Ultimately in this War of Will, the will and decree of God against the will of the occupiers of the tops of the 7 Mountains will be made evident to all. Babylon is being judged. The Maximum Security/Deep State will be disqualified and that it is in process now. As this part of His WILL becomes evident He is calling us to stay in a place of thankfulness and to endeavor to be ministers of reconciliation. This too is His WILL.


UPDATE: Alabama governor signs restrictive abortion bill into law as ACLU vows to sue

Alabama just passed a near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest

Facebook: Bound4Life International



Inside Trump 2020: As Dem field sets, campaign takes aim at ‘socialist organism with 22 heads’maga20-trump
(The millionth “MAGA” hat produced by the campaign since 2015. The campaign had Trump sign it, and plans to give it away as part of a contest. (Zach Trinca/Fox News).)

Exorcist: Temptation — Not Possession — Is the Most Significant Demonic Activity

“One of the most destructive lies of all times is that “In the last days the church will get brighter and brighter while the world gets darker and darker!”…

Rick Joyner: The Church as We Know It in the West Is About to Die
…”Benjamin was the last son born to Israel and represents the last sons of God to be born on the earth. Benjamin means “the son of the right hand,” and the right hand of God is called “the right hand of power.” Like Rachel, the church will give birth to the “son of His right hand,” but it will take her life. So this means she will have been a mother to the last-day ministry, and we honor our fathers and mothers”….

Suspense builds for Supreme Court moves on abortion, LGBT cases

Porn or vital life lessons? California approves controversial new sex education approach

“It was also designed to take the needs of our LGBTQ youth into consideration to make sure they felt safe and supported while at school.”
One book, titled “Changing You,” which was recommended for removal, shows cartoon illustrations of male and female genitals to educate students on the terminology. It also explains what “having sex is.” The book was recommended for transitional kindergarten through third grade.

California OKs new sex-ed guidelines for teachers despite objections from parents, protesters – LGBT


051 – Rockets and Rays of Light
Over the weekend, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 700 artillery rockets and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip into populated areas in the south of Israel. Four Israeli civilians have been killed and dozens more injured. Please pray with us for the many lives impacted in this recent barrage of artillery, for the IDF soldiers who continue to be at risk, and for supernatural wisdom for Israel’s leaders in dealing with this ongoing cycle of violence. (click the image to read the full article..)

Even as we intercede for peace and protection on the ground, we understand there are powers and principalities behind these events that must be disempowered in the spiritual realm. Last night we received a dream acknowledging the “heat” of battle. The temperature was 67 degrees. In the natural we wouldn’t think of 67 Fahrenheit as being a hot temperature. However, we believe it symbolizes Psalm 67 and 1967, the year marking the intense Arab-Israeli conflict known as the Six-Day War. Psalm 67 is a song of praise and blessing, seemingly contrary to the reality of war. Yet, warfare is sometimes the context in which blessing comes.

Another fascinating and relevant word from Johnny Enlow

Franklin Graham tells 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg to repent, not ‘flaunt’ being gay
“Mayor Buttigieg says he’s a gay Christian. As a Christian I believe the Bible which defines homosexuality as sin, something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized. The Bible says marriage is between a man & a woman—not two men, not two women,” Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, tweeted.

FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Attacks: What We Know and Don’t Know

Death Toll Rises to 359 in Sri Lanka Bombings, More Arrested

Leading New Testament Scholar Reveals How to Recognize False Apostles


By Dennis Prager

The symbolism of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, the most renowned building in Western civilization, the iconic symbol of Western Christendom, is hard to miss.

It is as if God Himself wanted to warn us in the most unmistakable way that Western Christianity is burning — and with it, Western civilization.
I don’t know if a worker accident or a radical Muslim set fire to Notre Dame Cathedral (as they have scores of other churches around Europe). In terms of what the fire represented, it doesn’t much matter. What matters is the omen: Europe is burning, just as Notre Dame was.

Notre-Dame fire: Spire collapses as ‘terrible’ blaze breaks out at 12th century cathedral

4-15-19 Deuteronomy 4:15-19 “Since you saw no form when the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire, take care and watch yourselves closely, so that you do not act corruptly by making an idol for yourselves, in the form of any figure – the likeness of male or female, the likeness of any animal that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the air, the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground, the likeness of any fish that is in the water under the earth. And when you look up to the heavens and see the sun, the moon, and the stars, all the host of heaven, do not be led astray and bow down to them and serve them, things that the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples everywhere under heaven.”

Mt. Horeb
mount_horeb-Painting by the nineteenth-century French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme
(Painting by the nineteenth-century French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme)

The root-verb חרב (hareb I) means to dry up, be in ruins, lay waste. This verb sounds very negative and it is so, most of the time, but it all depends from which angle we look at it. Looking from the memory of a beautiful city, waste land is worthy of fierce lament (Jeremiah 25:11). Looking from the face of the deep however, the first signs of dry land is reason to be exceedingly glad. (Genesis 8:13).

Where BDB Theological Dictionary divides this root in two, HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament observes, “The verb hareb originally meant ‘to be dry.’ Secondarily it and its derivatives denoted, on the one hand, the heat which caused dryness, and on the other, the desolation of waste areas, the devastation caused by wars”.

As Notre Dame burns, a look at its 800-year history


‘We WILL rebuild Notre Dame’: French president Macron says ‘the worst’ has been prevented as bell towers are saved but inferno reduces much of the medieval cathedral to ashes in just an HOUR

Rick Joyner – Notre Dame Cathedral burns. What does it mean?


Notre Dame Cathedral Ablaze


Watch the NEW documentary – Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

‘Mind-Blowing’ Evidence of Moses’ Journey From Egypt to Saudi Arabia REVEALED


Short on electricity, food and water, Venezuelans return to religion

3 Portals for Demonic Entry That Are Destroying the US

Abortion, homosexuality and Islam are the greatest dangers facing America in the 21st century. Each of them has opened up portals of entry into our culture and way of life. These are ideologies that have infiltrated the minds of multitudes—shaped and fueled by the unprincipled mad media.”



047 – The Battle of Locketts Farm – The throbbing question emerged among us, “What would it mean today if Matt’s history was also prophecy? What if the bloodshed of abortion was to end at Matt Lockett’s ‘farm’ just like the bloodshed of slavery and the Civil War finally ended in his ancestor’s front yard?”

21 Unremarkable Martyrs and Their Remarkable Gifts to the World
A writer goes in search of the young Coptic Christian men executed on film by ISIS.

CAN BETHEL CHURCH MAKE REDDING, CALIFORNIA, HEAVEN ON EARTH? Maybe Not, but the 11,000-Member Community Gives Unsparingly to the City


Spygate: The Inside Story Behind the Alleged Plot to Take Down Trump

Prophecy: ‘My People Are Facing Demonic Chatter in This Hour’

The Worst Disease Ever Recorded – A doomsday fungus known as Bd has condemned more species to extinction than any other pathogen.
“Never in recorded history has a single disease burned down so much of the tree of life.”


The Briefing – O46 – Stonewall to Wailing Wall

“In 1989, a great prophet named Bob Jones was caught up in a vision where he saw 100,000 LGBT men and women being set free. Many were raised up to preach the love of Christ with power. AIDS was being healed and lives were being transformed. He saw this as only the first wave of a massive Jesus Movement. Bob said to us, “It’s a true vision, but it’s waiting for an intercessory movement to carry it in prayer.”

Blind Justice Returns: Q thread for March 25, 2019 – Praying Medic


Pompeo agrees it’s possible God raised Trump to protect Israel from Iranian aggression

Trump says it’s time for US to recognize ‘Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights’

CALIFORNIA – Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to give you a ‘data dividend.’ Good luck with that

What to Know in Washington: New Day for Trump After Mueller Report

Donald Trump’s political fortunes changed in an instant after the Justice Department announced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller hadn’t found evidence that the president or his campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election.

Trump’s oft-uttered and equally oft-mocked claim — “no collusion” — proved true. The president won’t face re-election under a cloud of distrust about his connections to the Kremlin. He and his staff are freed from an investigation that preoccupied his White House.

Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy

Trump “Totally Exonerated”, Calls For Investigation Into “Illegal Takedown That Failed”

045 – The Youngest and Smallest

The Interventionist: Bethel Pastor Kris Vallotton Tests the Boundary Between Church and State

Mueller was clear in finding no collusion, but punted on the matter of obstruction

Mueller report does not have proof of Trump crimes -Justice Department

The Latest: Pence claims total vindication in Mueller report

New QAnon Reformation, Blue Church, WWG1WGA, Wonderland and Foucault’s Pendulum

Qanon March 23 – No One Walks Away From This

Southern Poverty Law Center chief Richard Cohen announces resignation amid internal upheaval


Exorcist explains Walmart demonic products

Walmart Launches Gay Dating Ad Firestorm

Stake My Claim – March Prophetic – The Crowning Jewels – Redding California

044 – The Storm of the Lord

The Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act

Pray Against Demonic MoMo Teen Suicide Challenge

Civil War Possibility